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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVICL031 RENO 10.07.2008 24.07.2008 18-30


Code: SVICL031 Year: 2008


Location: Villablino

Address: High School ґObispo Argьellesґ

Phone Number: 987 471984 / 470001 / 646861174

Project: RENO - Restoration/renovation

Initial Date: 10-07-2008 Final Date: 24-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 30 Places: 12

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Castilla y Leуn. Province of Leуn.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- The job will consist on restoration of the

roadworkersґ house to install an Issac`s blaksmith.and Carballo`s

watermill, both of them in Caboalles de Abajo. In addition we

will restore different elements with a high ethnographic value,

such as: washingplaces, cattle instruments, vaulting horse, and

so on. Having to do with architecture, we will restore stones and

give protections to all the wood elements. Every job will take

place in areas around Villablino (Valle de Laciana - Biosphere

Reserve). Protected Nature Area considered LIC and ZEPA in the

Natura Net 2000 of the European Protected Areas. You can still

watch the endangered species like: brown bear and capercaille.


Open-air activities: mountain routes, climbing, cycling, canowing

and so on ...

Two days camping “El Paнs de las Braсa”.

Worshops: handcrafts, cooking, dances, traditional sports, ...

Visit to different interesting and historical places in the area.


ACCOMMODATION.- In the High School ґObispo Argьellesґ - Avenida

del Bierzo, s/n - Villablino (Leуn).

Housing in berths, with dining room, gym for multiple uses,

showers and sport centre. Swimming pool to 200 m.

TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS.- By road: ALSA Company. Telephone

number: 987/470395 - Web:

By train: RENFE - Telephone number: 902240202 - Web:

MEETING POINT.- Bus Station of Villablino or the accomodation


LANGUAGES.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Camping material: Rucksack, sleeping bag,

mountain boots and clothes for cold weather. Working clothes.

Sport material. Musical instrument (this is optional, just to

enjoy and have a good time all together). International sanitary

card for the EU volunteers.


Telephones: 987- 471984 / 646861174




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