Spain Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVICL021 SOCI 10.07.2008 24.07.2008 18-30


Code: SVICL021 Year: 2008


Location: Monleras

Address: Youth hostel ґLa Cabaсuelaґ

Phone Number: 923 575207 / 575159

Project: SOCI - Social project

Initial Date: 10-07-2008 Final Date: 24-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 30 Places: 12

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Castilla y Leуn. Province of Salamanca.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- The work will consist in the following:

1. Design of two playgrounds:

- Cleaning of the surroundings and places where the playgrounds

will be placed.

- Line marking of the playground limits.

- Space designing within every playground spot.

2. Design and sign building along the path that entry into the


-Panel design and preparation of where the information of every

game goes.

-Designing and marking.

-Plastic and pottery art work.

-Arrangement and placement of wooden and stone icons.

The activities will be developed in an open space except for the

designing tasks which will be done at the New Cultural Centre.


Trade fair

Intergeneration game festival

Cultural evenings

Environmental interpretation workshop

Literary Circle and language workshop

International cooking workshop

Outings: Salamanca and Sierra de Francia

Activities of opening and closure of the workcamp.

ACCOMMODATION.- Youth hostel “La Cabaсuela” - Berganciano street,

16 - Monleras (Salamanca).

TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS.- By road: Criado Company. Timetable from

Salamanca: from Monday to Friday: 17.30 (summer: 18.00).

Saturdays: 14.00 -

Information phone: 923 23 67 17

MEETING POINT.- Youth hostel “La Cabaсuela” (100 m. far from the

bus stop)

LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- -,Sleeping bag, small knapsack, shower

slippers, summer clothes, something heavier for the cool nights.

Comfortable and sporty footwear. Work clothes: pants, shoes, hat

or cap. Sun protection: lotions, glasses. Personal toilette

towels included, international sanitary card for the EU


EMERGENCY CONTACT.- Town Hall of Monleras - Plaza Mayor, 5 -

37171-MONLERAS (Salamanca) - Tel. 923 575001 / 575076



Youth Hostel ґLa Cabaсuelaґ - Tel. 923 575076 / 575001


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