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So let’s get on with it! We have drawn up a programme for senior

citizens in the Campo de Daroca area which aims to provide a

series of activities which can be integrated into their lives

while simultaneously provide a whole range of benefits for their

health and lifestyle.


- Improve fitness levels.

- Learn to breathe correctly.

- Learn about correct posture and how it can help prevent injury.

- Learn how to relax.

- Undertake physical activity in various ways and environments.

- Attempt to persuade people to take exercise.

- Begin to take exercise routinely.

Programme content:

- The effect of exercise on health.

- Ageing. Physical, psychological and social effects.

- The role of the elderly in contemporary society.

- How the adult body adapts to exercise.

- Blood pressure.

- Exercise in various contexts.

- Games and traditional local sports.

- Dancing.


The programme consists of one section devoted to theory and

another to putting it into practice. It will stretch over 21

days, with one 1Ѕ hr. session per week.

The theory section will be taught by doctors, physiotherapists

and monitors, who will give classes dealing with the first five

items in the list of contents above.

Furthermore, this first stage of the programme will include a

medical check-up in order to create a full medical history.

The practical side of the programme will be led by a monitor who

specialises in sports and exercise for senior citizens.

The final three items in the list of contents will be achieved

through the following activities:

- “Shake that body” (Muevete). This consists of general keep fit

exercises (for the abdomen, back, lumbar region, strength

exercises, exercises for joints, flexibility, relaxation and


- Walking. Here is an example of the kind of programme being

contemplated over a thirty-day period:

Week 1: stretching + 30 minutes walking (3 km) + general fitness

exercises + relaxation.

Week 2: As per Week 1, but 30-40 minutes walking (3-4 km).

Week 3: As per Week 2, but 40-50 minutes walking (4-5 km).

Week 4: As per Week 1, but 50-60 minutes walking (5-6 km).

- Water-based activities. Gymnastic fitness exercises in the

water (swimming, aerobic water exercises, etc.)

- Outdoor activities. Cycling, exploring trails and the

countryside by foot and bicycle.

- Traditional local games (drawing up a list of local games and

playing them). This activity can be supplemented by publishing a

book with the games which have been remembered and played.

- Traditional and local dance workshop: merengue, pasodoble,

sevillana etc.

Once this programme of exercises for senior citizens has come to

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