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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

2: To provide for the largest possible number of children in the

area through activities which stimulate their engagement in

healthy leisure activities as a matter of habit.

3: To ensure the existing facilities are used to full capacity

during the summer months.

We will work with three general age groups, with activities

adapted to their age and abilities:

“Peques”: 6-8 years-old, “Medis”: 9-11 years-old, “Super”: 12-14


Nevertheless, the age groups might be subject to minor changes

depending on the ages of those participating, provided this does

not greatly affect the programme of activities at the camp.

The geographical areas to be covered will be based on the

following schools:

Area 1: Langa del Castillo - Mainar - Villarreal de Huerva


Area 2: Cubel - Gallocanta - Used (CUGAUS)

Area 3: Daroca

The following criteria were employed in selecting the areas:

-Number of schoolchildren and young persons

-Pre-existing sports and leisure facilities

-internal and external management of the activity




We are currently witnessing growing interest amongst parents and

their children in swimming as a free time physical activity which

also improves and maintains physical fitness.

The Campo de Daroca’s Administrative Area’s Centre for Local

Sport is intent on responding to public demand and has therefore

arranged for swimming classes for beginners and those who wish to

improve their technique for children over 4.

As a result, the courses aim to familiarise participants with

water, through constructive, motivating and healthy activities

which might help them to react correctly to situations and

difficulties which might arise in everyday life.

This will be achieved by helping participants to develop and

acquire skills such as: balance, floating, breathing, basic

movement skills, techniques and games.

The goals which participants should be aiming to achieve are,

depending on his/her level:

Overcoming any fear of water.

Establishing an exercise routine.

Stay afloat without assistance.

Move in the water.

Submerge the whole body while controlling breathing.

Fear-free diving.

Overcome common problems experienced in the water, requiring

mastery of certain acquired physical techniques.

Introduce participants to swimming as a sport.

Take part in games which establish a balanced and constructive

relationship which avoids rivalry and dangerous behaviour in the


Respect the capacity and limitations of others.

Learn good hygiene habits.

-Learn how to use public spaces.

The educational approach will consist of a strategy whereby the

students engage the activity as a whole but focus on a specific


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