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to get the most out of a digital camera. The work camp volunteers

will be taking pictures of their own work on the river banks with

the photography skills they have learnt in the workshop. These

will be added to photographs taken earlier to create a record of

their work.

Sports activities: Various monitors will arrange climbing,

Tyrolean traverse, orienteering and any other sporting activity

the participants might suggest.

Day trips. Trips will be arranged for the weekends to take

participants out into the surrounding area to introduce them to

Mudйjar art, of which there are many examples in the Jiloca area.

It might also be possible to arrange a trip to the World Expo

2008 in Zaragoza. Other places of interest which could be visited

are the Piedra monastery, Peracense castle and the city of




The town of Calamocha is located in the north west of the

province of Teruel and is the administrative capital of the

Jiloca administrative area.

Although the town has a long and varied history, with the first

documented mention dating from the Roman period, it is now the

economic driving force behind the prosperous Jiloca area, which

has placed its hopes for the future, amongst other things, in a

vibrant food industry based on ham, which has undoubtedly been

helped by the area’s success in securing an appellation of origin

for this particular product. The town aims to support this

approach with the development of an industrial estate

specifically for the food industry. Furthermore, it is also

laying all the necessary administrative groundwork for another

estate for other industries at a convenient site for the so-call

“Mudйjar” motorway.

Calamocha offers all the services expected of a local

administrative centre. The town boasts a primary school, an adult

education centre, a secondary school, a Vocational Training

Centre for Bakers and Confectioners, a Teachers and Materials

Centre, courts of law, a health centre, chemist, social security

office, INAEM office, office of the Aragonese Regional

Government, Local Agriculture and Food Office, a fire station, a

day centre for the elderly, a library, a games library, s youth

centre, Cinema/Theatre/Auditorium, a music school, a multi-use

sports centre, a covered “pelota” court, open-air swimming pools,

grass and earth football pitches, tennis courts, etc.

The capital of the Jiloca administrative area has eleven

adjoining population centres (El Poyo del Cid, Navarrete, Luco de

Jiloca, Cutanda, Lechago, Cuencabuena, Collados, Olalla, Nueros,

Valverde and Villajero de los Olmos), which makes it the largest

town in the area, with almost 4,900 inhabitants on the census.

In addition, there is also a wide range of shops, hotels,

restaurants, bars, night bars and clubs in Calamocha, which

ensures that its streets are usually bustling.

Mention should also be made, albeit briefly, of the town’s

historical buildings, amongst which are a Roman bridge, old

aristocratic houses and the imposing parish church of Santa Marнa

la Mayor.

Calamocha is therefore the centre of social, cultural and leisure

activities and a place where people from both surrounding

villages and the town itself come together to meet all their



Participants will stay in the CRIET facilities. This is a

restored building boasting large rooms which is mainly used to

accommodate children from isolated rural areas who occasionally

attend a school in the city.

There are beds, bathrooms, toilets, hot water, a dining room,

kitchen, games room and television. The building also has a large

playground with goalposts and basketball equipment. A cleaning

service is provided for the bathrooms and bedrooms. The centre is

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