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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Canal Roya - Anayet area.

3. Afternoon excursions: trips to Estiviellas and coll de


4. Trips to nearby towns: Villanъa, Urdos, Jaca.

5. Mountaineering activities: Climbing, rappel, orienteering,

map-reading, walking.

6 Leisure activities: festivals, games, parties.

7 Educational activities: workshops on alcohol, smoking and sex,

discussion groups.

Our approach to the camp is to treat it as an activity for young

adults, without this meaning that we should ignore its

educational value for life in the outside world. Although the

supplementary activities are optional, we try to ensure that

everyone takes part. Consequently, on the first day, once the

relevant presentations have been made and the participants have

taken part in activities to get to know each other, they are

presented with a list of possible activities which is completed

and then agreed amongst everyone. As a result, through the

incorporation of individual viewpoints concerning education

activities, a programme is drawn up in which everyone has a role

to play and for which we are all therefore responsible. This

helps to ensure that the participants take part in all the

activities and that the group gradually becomes more cohesive.


Refuge of Canfranc. Youth Hostel. Albareda street, 19 - 22888

Canfranc (Huesca).

This is a traditional mountain house in Canfranc which has been

restored for use as a youth hostel offering 75 beds divided into

6 separate rooms. There is a large dining room with wooden tables

which can also be used for many other purposes, including parties

and meetings etc. The hostel also has another area with a

television, video player, games, music, etc. where participants

can enjoy a wide range of leisure or educational activities. The

building is centrally heated and permanent hot water, there are

shared showers and bathrooms, two meeting rooms, a bar and an

outside recreation area. Participants must bring a sleeping bag

or a set of sheets.


Home style cooking providing large portions designed to meet the

requirements of energetic, active adults. The food is prepared by

the hostel’s own kitchen staff in the purpose-built kitchen. The

dining room is large and is located next to the kitchen. Each

group prepares the dining room to meet its own needs, laying the

tables, distributing the food and clearing up.


Canfranc Estaciуn is one of two villages making up the

municipality of Canfranc. It stands at 1,200 m above sea level

and is one of the highest municipalities and most typically

Pyrenean areas in the whole province of Huesca. The area has been

deeply influenced by outside intervention due to its location

only a few kilometres away from the French border and lying, as

it does, on the Santiago pilgrimage route. Canfranc is therefore

a somewhat special place, as it has previously been the site of

huge public works as part of the defence of the realm, the

creation of transport links and infrastructure and the production

of electricity at hydroelectric stations. With a view to

protecting these structures and the population that built and

maintains them, the Government undertook some striking work on

the mountain sides, which tower up to 1,000 metres over Canfranc.

Two huge projects at the beginning of the 20th C. were intended

to ensure that avalanches of snow or rock would not destroy life

in the valley and hundreds of ditches were dug while the

mountains were planted with millions of trees.

The reforestation project required the construction of several

nurseries at strategic locations around the mountains. One of

these is La Casita Blanca, which can be seen from Canfranc

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