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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVIAN071 ARCH 14.07.2008 28.07.2008 18-30


Code: SVIAN071 Year: 2008


Location: Cordoba

Address: Youth Hostel of Cуrdoba

Project: ARCH - Archaeology

Initial Date: 14-07-2008 Final Date: 28-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 30 Places: 12

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Andalucнa. Province of Cуrdoba.


Archaeological cleanup and study of architectural structures in

the al-Rumaniyya caliph’s orchard, and especially the great pool

- the distinctive feature of this site.

Tour of the various departments of the Madinat al-Zahra

archaeological complex so as to discover the work going on in

them and the stages of their conservation and restoration.


Excursions and visits: area of Madinat Al-Zahara (bridges,

aqueducts, al-Rumaniyya, quarries, etc.), Cуrdoba (monuments,

museums, districts (barrios) etc), Granada (Alhambra Palace,

Albaycнn), Activities to learn more about: Al-Andalus, Cordoba,

Madinat Al-Zahra, Mбlaga (Alcazaba), day of beach in Mбlaga.

Workshops; theatre, juggling, etc.

Sporting and aquatic activities. Swimming pool.

Socio-cultural activities: games, soirйes, parties (welcome,

farewell, etc.).

ACCOMMODATION.- Youth Hostel “Cуrdoba” - Plaza Juda Levi s/n


LOCATION.- In the archaeological site of Madinat Al-Zahra located

on the Palma de Rнo road, some 10mk. From Cordoba. The city

contains very significant treasures of Andalusian gum Arabic art.

Few cities can claim to have an entire ancient califal city so

nearby. Madinat Al-Zahra, an emblematic place given its rich

history, is surrounded by a large natural area where one can

enjoy nature, culture and urban pleasures at the same time, and

is considered to be one of the highlights of Islamic art, thanks

to its structure and urban layout, alongside the diversity of

materials used, the architectural solutions used and the

extraordinary wealth and quality of its decorations. It is a

magnificent legacy, which since its creation has become a legend

and represents, along with the Aljama Mosque, the essence of one

of the most important periods of history on the Iberian

Peninsula. the splendour of the caliphate; and Cordoba, together

with Baghdad, is the more important city and boasts the greatest

cultural splendour of the time, highlighting the йpoque of the

caliph Al-haKan II.

TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS.- Bus and train to Cуrdoba.

MEETING POINT.- Participants should arrive the first day, from 12

noon, at the Youth Hostel “Cуrdoba”.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Clothes and footwear for work and sports, water

bottle, rucksack, swimming clothes, sandals for the water,

toiletry bag and accessories (including towel) and equipment for

protection against the sun (hat, cap, sun creams, etc.),

international sanitary card for the EU volunteers.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS.- Direcciуn Provincial del Instituto Andaluz

de la Juventud In Cуrdoba - Tel: 957 352254 / 957 352256

E-mail: campostrabajo.iaj@juntadeandalucн

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