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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

SCI Spain ES-MAD 4.1 DISA 01.07.2008 15.07.2008 18+



First half of July

5 vols


AMPAO is a parent’s association of children and young adults with mental disabilities (from 10 to 30 y.o.) that aims

to reinforce their learning potential, social development and wellbeing through free time activities around the year.

Each summer they organise a camp to discover another place and have fun together.

W. Volunteers will support the teamers (professionals and also other volunteers) during all camp activities. Sports,

visits, games, nights out … will be daily part of the hectic program. Although most of the participants are

independent and autonomous they might need certain supervision for the everyday activities (like getting dress…)

therefore the volunteers will also be there to give a hand. Own initiatives and ideas are very welcome to prepare

workshops. You need also to be communicative, full of energy and ready to learn. It will be a great but a very

exhausting time too. Very important: Have in mind that there won’t be free weekends or days off!!

A. In a youth-hostel

S: Spanish is essential

X: Meeting point will be in Madrid and arriving exactly on the first day is essential. Next day there is training for

the camp that you must not miss. The day after the whole group (participants and teamers) will travel together by

train to the camp site. Last day is for the volunteer’s departure. MOTIVATION LETTER REQUIRED.


SCI Spain ES-MAD 6.3 ENVI 04.08.2008 24.08.2008 18+

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