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SCI Spain ES- MAD 6.2 ENVI 01.07.2008 15.07.2008 18+


ES- MAD 6.2 CICONIA NIGRA Tarifa (Cádiz)

01/07 - 15/ 7

9 vols


Since 1997 the environmental group La Cigüeña Negra (COCN) has been studying and struggling to preserve the

rich wildlife and ecological biodiversity of Tarifa (very South of Spain), a well known spot for bird-watching lovers

as most birds migratory routes cross this area. Their scientific research is focused on endangered bird species and

is done on voluntary basis. At the same time COCN carries on an environmental education program and many

environmental voluntary activities. As a result of their raise awareness campaigns among the local population, the

whole area is been officially protected as a natural park.

W: Maintenance and renovation of the bird-watching centre (Estacion Ornitologica de Tarifa) that needs to get

ready for the bird census campaign of early migratory species of the season. This means painting, cleaning and

signalising the area.

S: Environmental problems of the area.

A: at the Bird-watching centre. Simple living conditions.

L: English and Spanish

X: High interest in environment and nature protection.


SCI Spain ES-CAT 11.1 SOC 11.06.2008 26.06.2008 18+


ES-CAT 11.1 MAGIC MARKET (Sta. Susana, Barcelona)


18 vols


The magic market is organized by the city council of Santa Susana, which is a seaside village, situated in the

province of Barcelona. It is an annual event, organized on the street and free to everybody who wants to


In this “feria” they expect to develop and to promote those forms of interacting which enhance a respectful way of

relating to other persons and with the environment.

W: To help in setting up and to dismantle of monographics for cultural subjects, to help in the recreational activities

for people with physical disabilities, to support child activities, to run circus workshops, to distribute material of

environmental interest …

S: Culture, ecology and children.

A: Small houses equipped in the installations of a camping (Bungalows). Vegetarian food will be provided.

Q: Excitement in cultural subjects. Knowledge on information Technology, interest in natural medicines, knowledge

about setting up and dismantling of stages (musical and theatrical); free time instructor, social-cultural entertainers,

social educators, fine arts, artistic expression.

L: High level of Spanish.

X: Demands motivation letter, in which –in Spanish- you show your excitement in cultural subjects and the interest

in the foreseen activities.


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