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Alliance Spain CAT10 RENO 29.07.2008 12.08.2008 18-30


CAT10 A PATH AT THE VALLEY OF GES 29/07/2008 to 12/08/2008 St Pere de Torelló (Osona) RENO/ENVI 15

vols from 18 to 30

The valley of Ges embraces the river Ges. The PR.C-47 is a mountain path that crosses the valley and is used by

excursioners to cross the region. It is important to have a good mantaining of the paths in order to preserve the

forest environment from mass tourism. That's what we propose with this workcamp.

Work: Renovation tasks in the mountain path: cutting and removing branches and from the middle of the path;

improving of signalisation; awareness spreading among the visitors.

Accomodation: At the school JM Xandrí.

Location: St Pere de Torelló (Osona, Barcelona Region)

Free time activities: Excursions to discover the region and its cultural, natural and social way of life.Major party of

the town of Torelló, visit to museums, ...

Partner org: Minyons Escoltes/Guies Sant Jordi de Catalunya and Grup de Defensa del Ter

Nearest airport: Barcelona

Special Requirements


Alliance Spain CAT11 ENVI 01.08.2008 15.08.2008 18-30



SOCI/DISA 15 VOLS from 19 to 26

Casal de Joves de Cardedeu ("Youth Club of Cardedeu") is a local youth association of the town of Cardedeu, set

between the region of Oriental Vallès and Monsteny, a very famous Catalonian mountainous area rich in

environmental sites. The young people in the Casal are very participative in the life of the town, and are making

her second experience of international camp after their successful first year.

Work: Volunteers will will support different projects: collaboration with the project "La Tavella", toghether with mental

disabled people in the mantaining of an ecologic garden; making a study of the impact of electric towers against

the birds fauna in the region; mantaining green areas of local interest.

Accomodation: In the local school “Les Aigües”.

Location: Cardedeu, region of Vallès Oriental at the foot of Montseny.

Free time activities: Cultural visits to Barcelona and Girona. Also beach and National Park of Montseny.

Partner org: Casal de Joves de Cardedeu (Youth Centre Cardedeu)

Nearest airport: BARCELONA

Special Requirements: You must be able to go by bike!


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