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Alliance Spain CAT01 ENVI 25.06.2008 08.07.2008 18-30


CAT01TRAMUNTANA: Environmental Action in Costa Brava 25/06/2008 to 08/07/2008 Girona ENVI 25 VOLS

from 18 to 30

This project will take place at the Natural Park of Cap de Creus (Creus' Cape). One of the most interesting aspects

of the cape is its geological formation, which is easily visible as the majority of the cape consists of bare rocks.

There are a large number of prehistoric dolmens (the one at la Creu d'en Corbatella, at Roses, is particular well-

known). Submerged in the sea there are valuable archaeological legacy of ship wrecks from the period of the

Roman Empire.

Work: Monitoring the state of the coastal fauna, recovering of old rural paths in the area. picking up rubbish from

several beaches in the area -Spreading awareness among the beach users of environment respect - To put mark

the routes of prehistoric heritage (dolmen) in the area.

Accomodation: In tents at the camp site in the olive grove of Selva de Mar.

Location: Selva de Mar, in Costa Brava

Free time activities: There will be organized trips around the Natural Park of the Cape Creus (including sleeping in

bivouac). Soirees, group activities and games to promote cooperation and solidarity, will also be part of the

scheduled activities. Furthermore there will be a visit to the beautiful fishermen's village of Cadaquès.

Partner org: Fundació Catalana de l'Esplai

Nearest airport: Girona

Special Requirements:


Alliance Spain CAT02 SOCI 10.07.2008 24.07.2008 18-30


CAT02 COLOURS FOR THE BLOCKS 10/07/2008 to 24/07/2008 Badia del Valles SOCIO-CULT 12 VOLS from

18 to 30

The project is a follow-up of the work camps done between 2001 and 2007. The work camp is a joint initiative of the

City Council of Badia del Vallès and the organization RAI. The inititative aims at improving the youth facilities in

an isolated suburbian area of Barcelona by creating a project of collaboration between the local youth and foreign


Work: The work will consist of: - Painting of the Casal de Joves (youth centre). - Restore paintings at the Casal. -

Some gardening tasks. - Arranging the yard in collaboration with young local artists. - Export the different art

projects (wall paintings, mosaics, sculptures) designed by young local artists to buildings around the town.

Accomodation: Youth Club of Badia, with all acomodations

Location: Badia del Vallès, Region of Barcelona

Free time activities: Possible visits to Barcelona and surroundings; getting to know youth and social organizations

in Barcelona.

Partner org: RAI

Nearest airport: El Prat, BARCELONA

Special Requirements:


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