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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Workcamp, to wit: accept the indications of those responsible for

the activities, respect the timetables in general, and avoid

using private vehicles while being at the Workcamp.

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- Accommodation and meals for the group will

be provided at the Campamento Juvenil Jaume I, Partida del

Pinaret, s/n, in Alcossebre.

The Centre has all the necessary facilities, such as kitchen,

dining hall, bunk beds, hot-water showers, leisure areas, etc.

Food is prepared on-site, by professional cooks.

LOCATION.- Alcalб de Xivert is situated in the NE of the province

of Castellуn, 51 kilometres away from Castellуn de la Plana. One

of its most conspicuous features is the proximity between sea and

mountain, and among its main attractions we can mention its high

bell tower, in the town centre, and the Las Fuentes area, on the

coastal line. The surrounding mountains offer a superb view of

the 10-kilometre stretch of beaches and coves, against the

incomparable background of the Serra d’Irta natural environment.

It is a rich landscape which offers unending contrasts.

Alcossebre has its origins in a small medieval nucleus of Arab

origin, which was later on populated by fishermen, and which is

now part of Alcalб de Xivert. Alcossebre belongs to the El Baix

Maestrat region, where we can find towns like Benicarlу,

Peснscola or Vinarтs, as well as Cabanes, Oropesa, the walled

city of Morella, or visit the cave paintings in La Valltorta,

which was declared Humankind’s Heritage by UNESCO.

MEETING POINT.- On the first day of the workcamp at:

Campamento Juvenil Jaume I - Partida del Pinaret, s/n, -



By road. You can use the AP-7 motorway, exits 43 and 44, or the

N-340 road. Once you are within the town limits, the CV-142 road

links Alcalа with Alcossebre.

Alcalа has a train station on the Barcelona-Valencia railway


The Manises Airport (Valencia) is some 100 kilometres away from

Alcalа de Xivert.

There is bus service from Alcalа de Xivert to other coastline

towns, and to other international destinations. Besides, there is

daily bus connection between Alcalа de Xivert and Alcossebre.

From Castellуn:Mediterrбneo bus company - Tel 964 22 00 54

From Valencia:

Bus station - Tel. 96 346 62 66

RENFE train station 902 24 02 02 -

LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Sleeping bag, work and sports clothes and

footwear, work gloves, a hat or cap, swimming clothes,

sun protection cream, toiletries (including a towel),

international sanitary card for the EU volunteers.

INSTITUTIONS COLLABORATING.- This Workcamp is organized by the

Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization],

of the Generalitat Valenciana [Valencian Government], and the

Ayuntamiento de Alcalа de Xivert [Alcalа de Xivert Town Council].


Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization] -

Hospital street, 11 - 46001 Valencia - Tel. 963 98 59 08 / 96 398

59 04


Alcalб de Xivert Town Council - Purнsima street, 23 - 12570


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