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LOCATION.- The town of Ibi is some 30 kilometres away from

Alicante. It is situated in the north of the province of Alicante

and is surrounded by mountains.

The town of Ibi is famous for its diligence and initiative in the

toy industry; it houses the Valencian Toy Museum and the

Technological Institute for Toys, a unique institution in Spain.

There we can also find picturesque spots such as the recreational

area of San Pascual and the Los Molinos ravine.

Ibi’s surroundings reflect both their beauty and the typical

ecosystems of the province of Alicante, which give us the

opportunity to embark on ecological tours, practising trekking.

If you walk its streets, you will discover different

architectural styles and the unmistakable taste of Mediterranean

towns. You will discover the most picturesque shops, where you

can experience new sensations for your palate.

Ibi is a town where traditions, culture and sport take

precedence, with countess festive, cultural and sports

activities. The fiestas in Ibi deserve special attention, as they

are celebrated all year long with a series of celebrations which

you will only be able to experience in this town.

Ibi is a sure bet for those visitors who like to see the

Mediterranean coast in a different light: a look at the inland


The workcamp is on the edge of the Font Roja Natural Park, and

borders on the South with the San Pascual area, in the foothills

of the Sierra de los Barracones.

MEETING POINT.- On the first day of the workcamp at: Ibi Town

Council - Les Eres street, 48

State School ґTeixeretaґ - Maestro Chapн street, 11



By road. You can use the N-330 road to Madrid, Villena exit, or

the Sax motorway, which links up with the A-36 Alicante-Ibi-Alcoy


From Valencia, you can arrive at Ibi on the N-340 road, via


The closest train stations are those in Villena, Alcoy or


The closest airport is El Altet (Alicante) airport.

There is daily bus connection in this area off-coast.

From Alicante, with La Alcoiana bus company - Tel 965 13 01 04

From Valencia, with Travicoi bus company - Tel.:963 49 14 25

Renfe train station - Tel 902 24 02 02 -

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Sleeping bag, work and sports clothes and

footwear, work gloves, a hat or cap, swimming clothes, sun

protection cream, toiletries (including a towel), international

sanitary card for the EU volunteers.

INSTITUTIONS COLLABORATING.- This Workcamp is organized by the

Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization],

of the Generalitat Valenciana [Valencian Government], and the

Ayuntamiento de Ibi [Ibi Town Council].


Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization]

Hospital street, 11 - 46001 Valencia - Tel. 963 98 59 08 /

96 398 59 04


Ibi Town Hall

Бrea Medio Ambiente

Les Eres street, 48

03440 IBI

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