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Food is prepared on site, by professional cooks.

LOCATION.- Calpe is a city full of history. Its privileged

geographical situation and its warm climate have made it possible

that numerous civilizations have settled in the town of the Rock

of Ifach since times immemorial.

63 kilometres away from Alicante, and under the attentive gaze of

the highest cliff on the Mediterranean, the Peсуn de Ifach, Calpe

has grown on both sides of the Great Rock, with finely sandy

beaches and transparent waters. Its fishing port is full of

vitality, where the sea products are received daily.

One of the most popular visits is to the Peсуn de Ifach Natural

Park; you can also walk along the sea front promenades; or

discover the archaeological remains of the Roman villa and the

Baсos de la Reina Roman baths; or admire architect Ricardo

Bofill’s buildings and the spectacular landscapes you can see

from La Manzanera and the Morro de Toix; or you can go trekking

on the Oltа mountains. From Calpe, you can also go on excursions

to other places of tourist interest on and off the coast.

Calpe offers a wide range of leisure and free time activities.

Its cultural programme includes art exhibitions, theatre

performances, concerts, films, etc.

Those interested can visit the antique and second-hand market,

which is celebrated every Wednesday on the avenida del Paнs

Valenciа; and the large street market celebrated every Saturday

and where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, among many

other products.

MEETING POINT.- On the first day of the workcamp at State School

ґAzorнnґ - Partida de Gargasindi, s/n - CALPE


By road. You can use the AP-7 motorway, exits 63 and 64, or the

N-332 Valencia-Alicante road.

By train. Trenet de la Marina, a narrow-gauge train which goes

along the coast from Alicante to Dйnia and calls at Calpe


The closest airport is El Altet airport (Alicante), 60 kilometres

away from Calpe. Manises airport (Valencia) is 125 kilometres


Calpe has a regular bus service to other towns in Alicante, and

to Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

From Alicante:

Bus station - Tel. 965 13 07 00

Generalitat Valenciana Railways station - Tel. 965 26 27 31

From Valencia:

ALSA bus company - Tel.:963 49 72 22 -

LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Sleeping bag, work and sports clothes and

footwear, work gloves, a hat or cap, swimming clothes, sun

protection cream, toiletries (including a towel), international

sanitary card for the EU volunteers.

INSTITUTIONS COLLABORATING.- This Workcamp is organized by the

Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization],

of the Generalitat Valenciana [Valencian Government], and the

Ayuntamiento de Calpe [Calpe Town Council].


Institut Valenciа de la Joventut [Valencian Youth Organization]

Hospital street, 11 - 46001 Valencia - Tel.963 98 59 08 /

96 398 59 01

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