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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVIMA012 MANU 16.07.2008 30.07.2008 18-26


Code: SVIMA012 Year: 2008


Location: Soto Del Real

Project: MANU-ENVI - Manual work-Environmental

Initial Date: 16-07-2008 Final Date: 30-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 26 Places: 12

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Madrid. Province of Madrid.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Making of a large clay model, to represent

the natural surroundings, relief and vegetation of the

two-hectare estate located in La Pedriza, where the hostel is. On

the model we want to include the different ecological centres

that have been created over the last 10 years of fieldwork, so

that visitors can discover them by following a planned route.

On a parallel, there will be rotating group working on

conservation, fencing and groundwork on the estate.

COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES.- Visits to Madrid, in order to know the

town. Workshops, excursions to places with tourist interest, etc.

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- In the Centre of environmental activities of

Cercado Rodela, located in the village Soto del Real (Madrid).

LOCATION.- The workcamp is located 3 Km. from the village Soto

del Real, in Guadarrama mountains. This village is located 40 Km.

from Madrid.

TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS.- By bus from Madrid: Plaza de Castilla -

buses numbers 725 and 726 (J. COLMENAREJO Company - Tel.

91-8450051 / 3598109), every 15 minutes.

MEETING POINT.- The first day at 18.00 in the Town Hall of Soto

del Real.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN.- English and spanish.

THINGS TO BRING.- Sleeping bag, insulation mat, work clothes,

adequate shoes for sports, working and bathing, work gloves,

raincoat, hat, sun glasses, sun cream, towel, personal

toiletteries, water bottle, books, musical instruments,

international sanitary card for the EU volunteers.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS.- Centre of environmental activities of Soto

del Real - Tel. 91-8478358 and 659606169.

Workcamps Office: Gran Via, 10 - 3rd. floor - 28013-Madrid - Tel.

91-7201161 (from 09.00 to 15.00).


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