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Network Country Camp code Type Date start Date finish Age limit

Alliance Spain SVIGA031 ENVI 01.07.2008 15.07.2008 18-24


Code: SVIGA031 Year: 2008


Location: Vigo

Address: Cies island

Project: ENVI - Environmental

Initial Date: 01-07-2008 Final Date: 15-07-2008

Min Age: 18 Max Age: 24 Places: 8

Description of Workcamp:

REGION.- Region of Galicia. Province of Pontevedra.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK.- Environmental activities like to conserve

the surrounding of the island, to help in prevention of forest

fires. Participate to information activities to visitors and to

sensitize visitors and to collaborate with the Environment

Service of the National Park.

COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES.- Leisure activities and sport

activities. Weekend trip outside the island to know other sites

of Galicia. Visit by fishing boat around the islands.

Note: these activities are for your guidance and will be able

changed in the development of work camp.

ACCOMMODATION/FOOD.- Participants will be accommodated in tents

in the work camp of Cies Islands (Vigo-Pontevedra). The site has

buildings as dinning room and bath-room.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by specialized


LOCATION.- This work camp is located in the Cies Islands, in

Monte Agudo Island (on the north) to be precise, on the Rнa de

Vigo, in Vigo Municipality.

The Cнes Islands and archipelagos of Cortegada, Sбlvora and Ons,

belong to the National Park of Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

The ecologic value of its marine habitat is incalculable because

here there are some of the most representative examples of

Atlantic marine eco-systems.

Marine habitat of the National Park is a big mosaic of different

habitats that support an extraordinary diversity of flora and

fauna. We can find habitats defined by the European Community

like “community priority”: reefs, lagoons or sandbanks covered

all the time by no deep marine waters.

On land we can find “community priority” habitats too, likes the

grey dunes or the “aerohalins” littoral bushes or the southerner

atlantic humid “brezo” bushes.

The most important problem in the National Park conservation is

the human pressure. In Cies Islands the eucalyptus plantations,

pines and acacias have occupied the place of native plants. The

eradication of these plantations is a very long place process and

the National Park is working in and the results will be seen


Actually, it is being done actuations to develop a correct

management of the public use, the islands residues, the

navigation, the sail, etc.

NOTE: This work camp has no access for physical disabled people.


The access to the Work Camp it will be by ship from “Estaciуn

Marнtima” (besides Nautico) of Vigo Port. The way takes it 50

min. to arrive at Cies Islands.

By plane: ( Ph. +34 902 404 704

Santiago de Compostela airport. Ph. + 34 981 547 501

A Coruсa airport. Ph. +34 981 187 200

Vigo airport. Ph. +34. 986 268 200

By road

- Service A Coruсa-Santiago-Pontevedra-Vigo, service

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