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Lesson 3/Day 3

Lesson title: Play like a champion!

Objective (s):

-Students will be able to subtract within 20.

-Students will be able to utilize their strategies.
-Students will be able to demonstrate fluency when subtracting.
-Students will prove and show full comprehension of subtraction by identifying the missing number in the problem.
-Students will be able to write a persuasive paragraph.

Assessment: Assessing will be done through formative means. Students will be given three worksheets to work on together as a group. Each worksheet will have problems on it with missing numbers in various places of the problem and the students will have to find that number. The number could be part of the answer or could be the problem. For example: ___ - 2 = 2. The answer would be 4. As the worksheet goes on, there will be instructions to color different blocks that the problems are in a certain color. In the end, they will need to follow directions to put all three worksheets together to create on large picture that should match up accordingly with colors. If the colors are off, then they didn’t fill in something correctly. The first group to finish correctly first will win a prize out of the treasure box. I will assess by walking around during the worksheet with my clipboard, taking notes on which student is struggling with what in detail so I can look back over it and see who I may need to pull aside to my desk.

Meeting the needs of various learners/accommodations: I will be scaffolding during the entire group work, but if some students need to be pulled aside to my desk, I will pull them. I will pull up a chair and help students along the way also if I notice they need help. I will provide worksheet subtraction examples and more at each group’s desk and on the smart board for students who need extra visual support and aids.

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