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Lesson 1/Day 1

Lesson title: Batter Up!

Objective (s):

-Students will subtract with numbers 20 and under.

-Students will be able to count efficiently on their own.
-Students will demonstrate the use of strategies when solving.
-Students will understand the meaning of all signs and terms.
-Students will write a narrative in detail upon today’s experience.

Assessment: Today’s assessment is formative. The beginning worksheet is for me to know where to begin and who may need more one-on-one time, extra materials, etc. No summative assessments today. Today is all formative—journal entry, etc.

Meeting the needs of various learners/accommodations: The best way I can do my job by figuring out how to accommodate all of my learner’s needs is by giving them this beginning worksheet. By giving them this, I can see who is excelling and who may be struggling. This will show me who needs one-on-one time, intervention, to be pulled out of the class into another during math time, more materials, more challenges, and etc. Once I see these results, I can take action from there and decide who may need the extra supplements to help them during math time and who may need to be pushed even further to reach higher learning goals.

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