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Lesson 4/Day 4

Lesson title: The home stretch!


-Students will be able to subtract within 20.
-Students will be able to exemplify their strategies when teaching their lesson.
-Students will be able to demonstrate full understanding of subtraction through teaching a subtraction lesson themselves.
-Students will be able to speak loud and clear and at a fluent rate when teaching the lesson.
-Students will be able to write uplifting, constructive criticism through a rubric.

I will use a rubric of my own to score each of the groups that teach a lesson and I will review all rubrics at the end to see the feedback that was given. I will use that as a type of grade as well.

Meeting the needs of various learners/accommodations: If certain people in the group don’t feel comfortable speaking, that’s fine. We will find something else, like a demonstration, for them to do. I will make sure to accommodate them all in any way I can! It all really depends on the learners I will have!

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