South Shields Archaeological and Historical Society Papers Index of Contents Volume 1, No. 1 1953

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South Shields Archaeological and Historical Society Papers
Index of Contents
Volume 1, No. 1 1953


Anonymous The Society’s 1953 excavation: Temple of Mithras at Rudchester
Lecture notes:

B. Abrahart Some Tyneside troubles of the late eighteenth century

F. Wade The Grantham altar case

N. Ridley The Jacobite Rebellion 1715

J. Grant Heraldry

R. Bone Coins of Britain

W. Wright Social history of Whitburn

L. Evetts Medieval stained glass

E. Hughes Admiral Collingwood

I. Richmond The South Shields Roman site

Reception to Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Volume 1, No. 2 1954


C. Bosanquet Presidential Address: The lives of some North Country Archaeologists

J. Gillam 1954 excavation: The Roman fort at Bewcastle
Lecture notes:

G. Jobey The study of military history

J. Gillam The temple of Mithras at Rudchester

J. Gibson The Delavals

J. Smith How to look at buildings

N. Dees The study of history

A. McLellan History in water supplies

M. Macadam Archaeology of Egypt

S. Middlebrook Tyneside a century ago

R. Crosland The civilisation of the Hittites in the light of recent excavations

D. Smith Rome’s southern frontier

H. Simpson Old Sunderland
Volume 1, No. 3 1955


J. Corbitt The South Shields Roman gold and silver hoard

N. Mitchelson A note on monastic patronage with special reference to Rex V. Abbot of St Albans, 1293

Anonymous A note on Roman belt mountings at South Shields

M. Wheeler Presidential Address: The three great achievements of Man

B. Whittaker The Old Hospital Quay at South Shields

G. Jobey Huckhoe: native site and Gubeon earthworks
Lecture notes:

B. Abrahart Joseph Cowen

O. Tomkeieff Feudalism as a working concern

H. Harbottle The Lumleys and the Lambtons

S. Greenslade The Venerable Bede as a scholar

J. Gillam The 1954 excavations at Bewcastle

E. Birley Hadrian’s frontier policy

H. Pawson The history of English farming

H. Robson Church brasses

I. Richmond Recent excavations in Scotland
Volume 1, No. 4 1956


Anonymous The well in the Roman Fort at South Shields
Lecture notes:

G. Burdon The Stanwick fortifications

T. Hunter The birth of coinage

D. Robson Geology in the field

R. Hill Islam

T. Atkinson Norman Northumberland

G. Fenton Davies An introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls

L. Evetts Royal armorial bearings in parish churches

D. Smith Mosaics

J. Gillam The Bewcastle excavation
Volume 1, No. 5 1957


Anonymous A sandstone column found on Trow Rocks, South Shields

Anonymous Alehouses, brewhouses and taverns of Old Shields

J. Booth [Excavations at] Swainston Village
Lecture notes:

J. Corbitt An introduction to the coinage of republican and Imperial Rome

B. Shefton The Parthenon

B. Beckingsale Elizabethan letters patent

N. Shaw The preservation of antiquities

D. Fyson Northern dragons

P. Corder Presidential address

R. Cramp The problem of Anglo-Saxon domestic buildings

C. Daniels The Roman bath house at Red House Farm near Corbridge

M. Armstrong Davison Mary, Queen of Scots
Volume 1, No. 6 1958


D. Blair Robert Blair, M.A., F.S.A.
Lecture notes:

J. Thornborrow Castle building and siege-craft in the Middle Ages

D. Smith Roman settlement at Ghirza, Libya

P. Salway Aerial photography and its use for archaeological purposes

G. Jobey A native settlement and hill fort at Huckhoe, Northumberland

J. Mann The garrison of Hadrian’s Wall

B. Blake Hadrian’s Wall and the native British

J. Corbitt The hoard of coins from Coventina’s Well

B. R. Hartley Recent excavations of Roman pottery kilns at Stibbington in Huntingdonshire

N. McCord The murder of Nicholas Fairles
Volume 1, No. 7 1959


J. Thornborrow Report on excavations at Beacon Street, South Shields, 1959

Anonymous The sandstone statuette from Beacon Street

R. P. Wright Report on a votive altar found during the excavations at Beacon Street, South Shields, 1959

J. H. Corbitt Report on the coins from Beacon Street

J. Thornborrow Miscellaneous finds at Beacon Street

E. Thornborrow Some late Victorian engraved wine glasses from South Shields district
Lecture notes:

R. Crossland Recent views on the origins of the Greeks

J. P. Gillam Excavations of the Romano-Celtic temple at Shorden Brae

E. Birley Presidential Address: the local archaeologist

D. Charlesworth Roman glass

T. Hunter History of money

C. Fraser Tyneside in the 1290s

R. Wright Roman roads in Co. Durham

J. Wait History of Lloyds

J. Middleton Julius Agricola

R. Hood Coultard Some glimpses of South Shields about 100 years ago

H. Clarke History of dolls
Volume 1, No. 8 1960


J. Thornborrow Report on the excavations at Beacon Street, South Shields, 1960

F. Staniforth Presidential address: the key to history

E. Thornborrow The village of Cleadon in the Middle Ages

R. Hood Coulthard Further glimpses of South Shields about 100 years ago
Lecture notes:

J. Gillam Roman holiday

E. Allan Springs of industrial enterprise on Tyneside during the 19th century

N. McCord The Railway King enters Parliament (the Sunderland election of 1845)

C. Huddleston South Shields in 1851

R. Dawson Archaeology in China today

J. Finlayson Changing Tyneside

J. Philipson Whisky stills in Upper Coquetdale

W. Hughes Lead mining in Weardale and Allendale
Volume 1, No. 9 1961


J. Thornborrow Excavations at Pearson Street, South Shields, 1961

E. Thornborrow Exhibition of local glassware

Anonymous Roman nails at Inchtuthil
Lecture notes:

C. Daniels Pompeii

I. MacIvor The Havorian occupation of North Britain

E. Hughes Presidential address: The Great century of the North-east 1750-1850

J. Gillam Excavations at Haltonchesters, 1960

E. Thornborrow The Cleadon Decree

W. Maurice Spencer Some Travellers in North-East England

W. K. Irvine Pompeii

G. V. Scammell The Maritime History of the North-East

A. Ross Native Cults in North Britain

R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford The Lindisfarne Gospels

C. W. Gibby Misericords

R. F. Tylecote Primitive Iron-smelting
Volume 2, No. 1 1964


J. Thornborrow Excavations on the Lawe, South Shields, 1962

E. W. Todd The Dead Sea Scrolls

J. G. Finlayson Pupil Teachers
Lecture notes:

G. Jobey Iron Age Homesteads in Northumberland and Durham

J. Gillam Excavations at Halton Chesters

B. Harbottle Some Lesser Medieval Military Buildings of Northumberland

H. S. Offler Ranulf Flambard, Bishop of Durham

D. Charlesworth Roman Jewellery

G. W. S. Barrow St. Andrew in Northumberland and Scotland

Wm. Bulmer Hadrian’s Wall in Models
Volume 2, No. 2 1965


R. Howell Monopoly in the Tyne Valley: The Case of Thomas Cliffe

J. Chuter Ede The Value of Archaeology and History in Modern Society

Lecture notes:

R. T. Anstey The Early Railways of County Durham

D. J. Smith (i) The Temple of Nymphs, Carrawburgh

(ii) The Regina Stone, South Shields

A. Carrick Tynemouth Election of 1853

W. K. Irvine With a Camera in Greece

J. Thornborrow Report on Excavations at the Roman Fort, Arbeia

W. K. Irvine Old Shields

Cramp, R Excavations at Monkwearmouth Church

R. Wailes Industrial Archaeology

J. C. Mann Northumberland as a Border County

W. K. Irvine The Stone Age in Malta
Volume 2, No. 3 1966


W. M. Moore Thomas Masterman Winterbottom

R. Appleby Miller The Causey Arch and the Ancient Waggon-Way it Served (edited)

M. Binnie “Greek Religion had no Creed and no Dogma” – Glover

L. Wincote Some Prehistoric Monuments in Wiltshire

D. Lake Exploring in Dorset
Lecture notes:

B. Dobson The Lost Villages of South Durham

B. W. Beckingsale The Healing Touch of the English Kings

C. M. Fraser Social Life in the North East During the 14th Century

L. C. Evetts The Iconography of Stained Glass Windows

C. M. Daniels Ostia, The Port of Rome

R. C. Bell Georgian Life as Depicted on Georgian Copper Coins
Volume 2, No. 4 1968


E. L. Thornborrow The Rise and Fall of the Glass Industry in South Shields

R. Jackson Roman London
Lecture notes:

P. S. Rawson Indian Art

V. E. Watts Origin of Durham Place Names

J. Lazenby Homer and History

W. K. Irvine Egyptian Tombs

F. Atkinson A Museum with a Difference

N. McCord Tyneside in the 19th Century

W. K. Irvine Petra – the Rose Red City

C. Bonner St. Augustine of Hippo

B. Shefton Greek Art

W. Irvine The Holy Land

W. A. Campbell Early Chemical Enterprises Around Jarrow Slake

T. S. Hunter Coins of the Provincial Mints

J. W. Thornborrow The Castles and Legends of Northumberland and Durham

R. Raper Some 19th Century Water Colours of Hadrian’s Wall

O. Tomkeieff Social Consequences of the Norman Conquest

M. Harrison The 6th Century Church of St. Polyeuktos at Constantinople
Volume 2, No. 5 1970


F. Staniforth A History of Printing

J. W. Grant The Shrievalty

R. I. Thornborrow The Role of Science in Archaeology

D. Breeze Excavations at South Shields, 1966 and 1967
Lecture notes 1967:

J. A. Gillam The 1966 Excavations at South Shields

W. M. Spencer Looking at Parish Churches

D. S. Reid Local Records and some of their Uses for the Local Historian

W. Irvine Ancient Olympia

C. M. Fraser Effect of Scottish Wars on the North East

N. McCord The 1815 Seamen’s Strike on Tyne and Wear

J. P. Gillam The Roman Fort on the Lawe, South Shields

W. K. Irvine Ancient Crete
Lecture notes 1968:

R. A. Crossland Origin and spread of Indo-Europeans

M. H. Armstrong

Davidson Mary Queen of Scots and her People

A. Murray The Medici of Florence

C. R. Huddleston The Vane Tempest Family

A. Wilson Joseph de Maistre, the Blindfold Prophet

J. W. Thornborrow Antiquities of Southern France

N. Hampson The French Revolution

N. McCord The Government of Tyneside, 1800-1850

W. A. Speck Dr, Sachevarall

K. Fairless Mars in Roman Britain
Lecture notes 1969:

C. M. Daniels Mithras, the Unconquered God

R. N. Bailey The Vikings in Northern Britain

T. H. Corfe The Phoenix Park Murders

W. K. Irvine Asklepios, God of Healing

B. Whittaker The Beginning of the Tyne Lifeboat Society

J. P. Gillam Hadrian’s Wall after Hadrian

D. Dougan History of Tyne Shipbuilding

W. Irvine Troy

R. Wood Life in Early Victorian North-East England
Volume 2, No. 6 1971


I. Ramsey South Shields: Some Glimpses into the Past

D. T. Lake Report on the Lanchester Project
Lecture notes:

D. Charlesworth A Roman Cemetery at Brougham, Westmorland

Dr. Underdown Edmund Burke, Statesman or Politician

T. Cairns The Development of Swords

N. McCord Labour Troubles in the North-East in 1790

R. Guard Northumberland at the Turn of the Century

L. Masters Megalithic Monuments in Brittany and Britain

J. W. Thornborrow History of South Shields (2 parts)

C. M. Daniels The Restoration of the Roman Legionary Armour from Corbridge

W. R. Garside The Durham Miners between the Wars – A Case Study in Regional History
Volume 2, No. 7 1975


J. C. Mann Religion in Roman Britain

B. Whitaker The Tyne Life-boat Institution 1789
Lecture notes 1971:

N. McCord Presidential Address: The North East from the Air

J. M. Taylor The Changing Face of Diplomacy

G. Jobey Two Hill Forts: Masada and Burnswark

W. Spencer The Geordie Minstrel

B. Whittaker The Progress of Life-Saving in South Shields

W. K. Irvine Greek Oracles

W. R. Garside The Durham Miners Between the Wars

R. A. S. Hennessey Tyneside – The Birthplace of Electricity

R. Hobley The Lunt Roman Fort, Coventry

C. Burgess Recent Excavations of Prehistoric Sites in Northumberland
Lecture notes 1972:

B. Roberts Medieval Planned Villages in Co. Durham

A. E. Truckell “Not Men But Brute Beasts”

T.I.A.G. Visit & Talk by the Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Group

J. A. Hellen Northumbrian Wheelhouse and Agricultural Innovations

W. K. Irvine Tripolitania

D. Charlesworth Recent Excavations at Housesteads

W. Haldane Early Iron Workings
Lecture notes 1973:

J. Campbell The Manufacture and Sale of Cure-all on Tyneside During the 19th Century

B. Christopher Underwater Archaeology

F. Clarke The Social Consequences of the Change-over from Wood to Iron in Shipbuilding

R. Hogg Popular Education in the North East in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries

L. Wincote The Society’s Film of “Arbeia”

Sq. L. Rush The Ingenious Beilbys

W. K. Irvine Pamphylia

R. P. Wright Inscription on Cleadon Hills
Volume 2, No. 8 1978


B. Whitaker The Tyne Life-boat Institution 1789 (part 2)

W. K. Irvine John Williamson (1825-1887)

R. P. Wright A Latin Inscription on Cleadon Hill, Co. Durham
Lecture notes 1974:

J. C. Tyson Northern Brasses

E. Birley Vindolanda

W. K. Irvine et al. A lecture to mark the end of the County Borough of South Shields

R. Smith Current Developments at the Beamish Museum

J. P. Gillam Arbeia in the History of the Roman Frontier

N. McCord The Relief of Poverty in Northern Ireland [should be England] in the Early Nineteenth Century

C. M. Daniels Presidential Address: Roman Syria

K. Harris Joseph Cowan
Lecture notes 1975:

T. Curtis Crime and Society in Seventeenth Century England

S. Macdonald The Role of George Culley of Fenton in the Development of Northumberland Agriculture

W. Irvine Ephesus, First and Greatest Metropolis of Asia

S. Linsley The Development of the Port of Tyne

D. J. Breeze Recent Work on the Antonine Wall and its Hinterland

F. Staniforth Roman Morocco

C. M. Daniels Presidential Address: Rome on the Danube

G. G. Kelvin Tyneside Postal History
Lecture notes 1976:

J. Fleming Archaeology and Historical Society – Railway Architecture

J. Openshaw The Development of South Shields

J. Snape Durham City in the Middle Ages

N. McCord Photographic Evidence of Social History

J. Ward Torcs and Collars of the British Isles

W. Irvine The Archaemendids

C. Frazer Some Notable Tyneside Families

G. D. Robson Coins in the Collection of the Newcastle Society of Antiquaries

W. K. Irvine Canny Auld Shields

R. B. Harbottle Recent Excavations at the Black-gate and Blackfriars
Volume 3, No. 1 1984


D. Lake Tracing my Ancestors or Building a Family Tree

D. Thornborrow A Study of Pre-Inca and Inca Cultures in Peru and Northern Bolivia

B. A. Etheridge The Swing Bridge of 1876, Newcastle upon Tyne

Volume 3, No. 2 1988


P. D. A. Harvey The Boldon Book and North East County Durham in 1183

E. L. Thornborrow The Salt Industry of South Shields

J. W. Thornborrow The Building of the Tyne Piers

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