South Carolina People and Places

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The Late 19th Century

  1. In 1870, a person living in Charleston (on the coast) wanted to send a message to a person living in Greenville (the Upstate). Which method was the fastest way to send information at the time?

    1. Telegraph

    2. Telephone

    3. Pony Express

    4. The Internet

  1. What was the purpose of the Black Codes, or Jim Crow Laws, that existed in South Carolina during the late 19th century?

    1. To promote the construction of textile mills around the state.

    2. To restrict the rights of African Americans.

    3. To protect religious freedom.

    4. To help small farmers purchase new equipment.

  1. A number of textile mills were built in South Carolina during the late 1800s. Which of the following is NOT a reason why this development took place?

    1. South Carolina could not rely solely on agriculture to maintain its economy-it needed industry, as well.

    2. Advances in the textile industry made building mills a profitable investment.

    3. South Carolina had a large workforce willing to move away from the farms and work in the mills.

    4. South Carolina had a long tradition of building factories and supporting industrial growth.

  1. During the late 19th century, many South Carolinians moved from one part of the state to another. Which of the following would be a likely scenario for this move?

    1. A man moves his family to a large house near the city because he has made a fortune on his small farm.

    2. A man moves his family out into the rural areas because he is tired of life in the big city.

    3. A man is struggling on the farm, so he moves his family near a textile mill to find work in the factory.

    4. Because there are few public schools in the rural areas, a man moves to the city so that his children can get a good education.

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