South Carolina People and Places

The Civil War and Reconstruction

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The Civil War and Reconstruction

  1. During the Civil War, the Union set up a blockade around the city of Charleston. What was the main purpose of the blockade?

    1. To surround the southern states and frighten them.

    2. To make sure that the Union always knew what the Confederate Army was doing.

    3. To protect Union ships when they sailed along the Atlantic Coast.

    4. To cut off supply lines and keep Confederate troops from receiving food, clothing, and ammunition.

  1. During the final months of the Civil War, Union General William Sherman marched the troops through South Carolina and destroyed everything in his path. Which of the following goals was General Sherman most likely trying to accomplish?

    1. He wanted to get revenge on South Carolina for starting the Civil War.

    2. He wanted to break the will of the South and give the Confederates no choice but to surrender.

    3. He wanted to cut off the Confederate Army’s supply lines.

    4. He wanted to use South Carolina as a warning to the other southern states.

  1. Which of the following best describes racial relations in South Carolina during Reconstruction?

    1. Racial relations got worse as African Americans gained more political power.

    2. The freed slaves quickly became a part of the democratic society with help from white voters.

    3. Because they had little education, most African Americans wanted the upper class white citizens to vote on the important issues of South Carolina.

    4. Racial tensions improved because the people were tired of the conflict of the Civil War.

  1. Which of the following best describes the feeling in South Carolina after the Civil War?

    1. Relieved that the war was over.

    2. Guilty for starting the war.

    3. Angered by the policies of Reconstruction.

    4. Hopeful that the future will be better.

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