South Carolina People and Places

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Causes of the Civil War

  1. How did the invention of the cotton gin increase the demand for African slaves?

    1. The cotton gin was very complex, and many slaves were needed to operate it.

    2. The cotton gin made planting cotton more profitable, so more slaves were needed to pick it.

    3. Using a cotton gin was very dangerous, so slaves were forced to do it.

    4. The slaves were the only ones who knew how to operate the cotton gin.

  1. Which of the following best describes the way the leaders of South Carolina felt about the issue of “State’s Rights”?

    1. They did not want the federal government to interfere with the laws of the state.

    2. They believed that the nation’s more populated states should make all of the major decisions.

    3. They believed that the state government should keep tight control over its citizens.

    4. They believed that the laws in one state should apply to the rest of the states in the nation.

  1. Prior to the Civil War, a southern plantation owner would most likely have given which of the following reasons for owning slaves?

    1. Slaves would not be able to function in democratic society.

    2. Most slaves do not mind working in the fields because they get food and shelter.

    3. Slaves are needed to run a plantation, which is the backbone of the South’s economy.

    4. Owning slaves shows that the states in the South are independent of the states in the North.

  1. Prior to the Civil War, most white citizens of South Carolina were not plantation owners. They owned small farms, and often struggled to get by. Which of the following describes the major differences between an independent white farmer and an African slave?

    1. Independent white farmers did not have to do physical work in the fields.

    2. Independent white farmers had legal rights and freedom.

    3. Independent white farmers did not have to worry about money.

    4. Independent white farmers usually had a fine education.

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