South Carolina People and Places

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The American Revolution

  1. The Stamp Act forced the colonist to pay a small fee on all printed material (such as newspapers, contracts, playing cards, etc.). Americans felt that this unreasonable fee was an example of which of the following:

    1. Taxation without representation

    2. Unfair search and seizure

    3. Cruel and unusual punishment

    4. Violation of the right to free speech

  1. Which of the following best describes a “militia” or “partisan” soldier?

    1. A person who claims to be loyal to one side, but is actually spying for the other side.

    2. A soldier who travels with the army and performs various duties, but does not carry an actual weapon.

    3. A person who is trained to fight as a soldier, but is not part of the regular army.

    4. A person who is forced to fight for the army, but does not agree with the cause.

  1. Why was the British capture of Charleston in 1780 such a major blow for the American colonists?

    1. The majority of the Colonial army was stationed in Charleston.

    2. Charleston served as a major port, and it was the most important city in the American colonies south of Philadelphia.

    3. When Charleston was captured, all of the armies in North and South Carolina surrendered.

    4. The American colonists had not expected the British Army to launch an attack on Charleston.

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