South Carolina People and Places

The Settlement of South Carolina

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The Settlement of South Carolina

  1. The French and Spanish came to South Carolina in the 16th century and tried to establish settlements. Which of the reasons below best explains why these early settlements failed?

    1. There were no natural forests, wildlife, or suitable rivers in South Carolina.

    2. The French and Spanish settlers were inexperienced and poorly supplied.

    3. The Native Americans in South Carolina quickly declared war on the Europeans, and destroyed their settlements.

    4. The settlers were not ready for the severe winters of the South Carolina coast

  1. Who were the Lord Proprietors?

    1. A group of Religious Separatists

    2. Men who wanted South Carolina to become a Royal Colony

    3. Men who received large areas of land from the King of England

    4. Military leaders who came to the Carolinas to keep the Native Americans under control

  1. Why did early English settlers who lived in Barbados have so much success when they came to South Carolina?

    1. They adopted a plantation system similar to the one that they had used in Barbados.

    2. They already had experience in dealing with the local Native Americans.

    3. They received special treatment from the King of England.

    4. South Carolina’s two main cash crops-rice and indigo-were very common in Barbados.

  1. What was the reason that Africans came to South Carolina in the early days of settlement?

    1. To escape from religious persecution in Africa.

    2. To get away from the endless wars being fought between different African tribes.

    3. Because the English settlers paid them a decent wage to help in the growing communities.

    4. Because the English brought them over as slaves to help on the plantations.

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