South Carolina People and Places

The Exploration of SC and the U.S

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The Exploration of SC and the U.S.

  1. In the 1520’s, Spanish explorers traveled to the Sea Islands of South Carolina (in present day Beaufort County). Which of the following gives the best reason why Europeans came here first?

    1. The Europeans believed that the climate around the Sea Islands was more suitable than areas further north.

    2. There were no dangerous Native American tribes living near the Sea Islands.

    3. The Sea Islands were surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which made them easy to get to by ship.

    4. The first European explorers had detailed maps of the Sea Islands, but not of the rest of South Carolina.

  1. When the first European explorers arrived in South Carolina, they found that there were other people already living in the area. Who were they?

    1. European merchants who were gathering valuable natural resources in the area.

    2. Local Native American tribes who had lived in the area for generations.

    3. Castaways from pirate ships and other boats who were sailing up and down the Atlantic Coast.

    4. Other Europeans who had originally settled in Barbados, but traveled north to find better farmland.

  1. Impressed by the natural resources of South Carolina, early explorers referred to the area as the land of “Milk and Honey.” Which of the items listed below did the explorers NOT find to support that claim?

    1. Abundant forests and lots of wildlife

    2. Mild climate

    3. Lots of lakes and rivers

    4. Large deposits of gold and silver

  1. What main advantage did the British explorers to South Carolina in the 1600s have over the French and Spanish explorers of the 1500s?

    1. Navigational technology had drastically improved from the 16th century to the 17th century.

    2. The English had a better knowledge of the New World because the French and Spanish had already explored parts of it.

    3. The English had more respect for the Native Americans living in South Carolina.

    4. The Spanish and French explorers had lacked experience, and were not committed to learning about South Carolina and the Americas.

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