South Carolina People and Places

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South Carolina People and Places
1. The map to the above shows South Carolina’s three3 main geographical regions (the Coastal Plains, Piedmont Plateau, and the Blue Ridge Mountains). It also provides census information on the state’s ten most populated cities (data from the year 2000).
According to the map, South Carolina’s most populated urban areas are located in which geographical region?
A) The Coastal Plains

B) The Piedmont Plateau

C) The Blue Ridge Mountains

D) The Upstate

2. During the 19th and 20th centuries, a number of textile mills were constructed in the upstate of South Carolina. What specific characteristics of the land made this location fit for the textile industry?

    1. The land was flat, which made building textile mills easy.

    2. There were plenty of fast-flowing rivers and streams in the area to power the textile mills.

    3. Cities like Greenville and Spartanburg had easy access to major ports, which made it easy to ship items overseas.

    4. Most of South Carolina’s cotton was grown in the upstate, so it made sense to build textile mills there.

  1. Every year, the city of Gaffney, South Carolina, hosts the Peach Festival. What is the most likely reason that the people in this part of the state set aside a time to honor the peach?

    1. They are trying to convince peach farmers to move to the area.

    2. Most people living in the area consider peaches to be one of their favorite foods.

    3. This is the only area of the country where peaches are grown.

    4. The land is well-suited for growing peaches, and peach farming has become an important part of the area’s life and economy.

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