South Asia Virtual Field Trip

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South Asia Virtual Field Trip
The purpose of this virtual field trip is to allow you to see and experience the places we have been studying. Please visit to access the field trip. You will visit four countries: Nepal, Pakistan, India and Maldives. Please answer the questions on this worksheet as you explore. Due Thursday, April 30th. Please remember to have fun! :0)
As you explore Nepal, Pakistan, India and Maldives you will be asked to check out the CIA World Factbook. As you click on the links for each country in the CIA World Factbook, fill in the chart below.







Brief Description of Geography

Natural Resources

Two Other Fun Facts


CIA World Factbook

Fill in the chart above for Nepal using this website.


  1. Look at some of the pictures. What does Nepal look like? What does it remind you of?

A man’s journey to climbing Mt. Everest [video]

  1. What steps did this man have to accomplish to be able to reach the top of Mount Everest?

  1. Would you ever want to climb Mount Everest? Why or why not?

What do you need to do to climb Mt. Everest? [reading]

  1. Why is tourism so important to Nepal?

  1. What are some of the expenses a climber must pay?

  1. How have humans hurt the environment on Mt. Everest?


CIA World Factbook

Fill in the chart above for Pakistan using this website.

Pakistan: The Most Beautiful Places on Earth [video]

  1. What is Pakistan’s geography like? (Be descriptive!)

  1. How does it compare to Mexico?

Tour of Pakistan [reading]

  1. What is your chosen city?_____________________________________________

  1. Describe three things you will do in your chosen city.


CIA World Factbook

Fill in the chart above for India using this website.

Photo Tour of India

  1. Look at five pictures. Based on what you see, how would you describe India?

Stigma Plagues India’s ‘Untouchables’ [video]

  1. What is an ‘untouchable’? Why is life so hard for them?

  1. What issue is the reporter addressing?


CIA World Factbook

Fill in the chart above for Maldives using this site.

Maldives: Island Nation Under Siege[video]

  1. What serious problem is Maldives facing today?

  1. What does suggestions are offered in the video? Do you think they will work if tried?

Carbon-Neutral Goal for Maldives [reading]

  1. Why is Maldives becoming the first nation to become carbon-neutral?

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