South and East Asia Map Activity

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South and East Asia Map Activity

  1. On your map, find and label the countries listed below using black ink. Fill out the capital of each country on the chart. On map, place a red star where each capital city is. Fill out the main religion and language of each country on chart below.






  1. India

  1. Pakistan

  1. Afghanistan

  1. Bangladesh

  1. Nepal

  1. Bhutan

  1. Sri Lanka


  1. China

  1. Japan

  1. North Korea

  1. South Korea

  1. Taiwan

  1. Mongolia

  1. On your map, find and label the following rivers/bodies of water using blue ink.

On East Asia Map

On South Asia Map

    1. Indus River

    2. Ganges River

    3. Bay of Bengal

    4. Arabian Sea

    5. Indian Ocean

    6. Yangtze River

    7. Yellow River

    8. Sea of Japan

    9. South and East China Seas

    10. Pacific Ocean

On South Asia Map
On your map, find and label the following land features using green ink. Note that mountain ranges and deserts are already shaded on your map.

On East Asia Map

    1. Himalayan Mountains

    2. Deccan Plateau

    3. Western/Eastern Ghats

    4. Hindu Kush Mountains

    1. Himalayan Mountains

    2. Gobi Desert

    3. Taklimakan Desert

    4. Kunlun Mountains

    5. Altai Mountains

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Domain -> I: dates what happened during and on the following years and/or dates: Saturday, March 25, 1911— April 5, 1911— June 30, 1911— II: people/places
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