Source Analysis Worksheet

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Source Analysis Worksheet
Scholarly or Non-Scholarly?

Is this a scholarly or non-scholarly source?

Explain why you consider this a scholarly/non-scholarly source.
Source Information:

Type of source (journal article, newspaper article, web site, book, etc.):

If it is a scholarly article, what type of article is it? (research, review, editorial)


Research log:

Where did you search for this source? (for example, you may have found your article in Academic Search Complete)

What key words did you use?

Who is the intended audience for this source? (for example, it could be the general public, environmental activists, elementary teachers, scientists, etc.)

Is this fact or opinion or a mix of both? Please explain your answer, with specific references to the source. (For example, “the article’s conclusion is opinion because…”)
If it includes opinion, how does the bias impact the information? Do the facts support the opinion? In what ways?
If applicable, what position does this source take? (pro or con):

Who wrote it? What are their qualifications to write about the topic?

Who published it? Are they reputable? Objective?


Is this information current or historical? Is it current enough for your research?


Is the information accurate? Where did the author get their information to write this source? Is it well-researched and/or well-documented?


Briefly explain why you chose this source.

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