Source 1: wwii in Color: Blitzkrieg over Holland, Belgium and France

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Blitzkrieg DBQ
Source 1: WWII In Color: Blitzkrieg over Holland, Belgium and France
1. What weapons are the Germans using in their Blitzkrieg attack?

2. Blitzkrieg means “Lightning War.” Based on these images, how is that an accurate name?

Source 2: Map of Germany’s Blitzkrieg Attack 1939-1941 Historicair 23:45, 29 July 2007 (UTC)

Nazi Germany 1939

Occupied Sept 1939 – May 1941

Allies of Germany 1940

Occupied by USSR 1939

Not conquered by Germany

Neutral Countries

German Offensive

German Air Offensive

Italian Offensive

Soviet Offensive

3. How might Germany’s central location in Europe have helped them make a success of the Blitzkrieg strategy?

Source 3: Obersaltburg Speech, Adolf Hitler, August 22, 1939, a week before the German invasion of Poland.
Our strength lies in our quickness and in our brutality; Genghis Khan has sent millions of women and children into death knowingly and with a light heart. History sees in him only the great founder of States. As to what the weak Western European civilization asserts about me, that is of no account. I have given the command and I shall shoot everyone who utters one word of criticism, for the goal to be obtained in the war is not that of reaching certain lines but of physically demolishing the opponent. And so for the present only in the East I have put my death-head formations' in place with the command relentlessly and without compassion to send into death many women and children of Polish origin and language. Only thus we can gain the living space [lebensraum] that we need. Who after all is today speaking about the destruction of the Armenians?
4. What does Hitler say his goal is? How will he achieve his goal?

5. What reason does Hitler give for his invasion of Poland?

Source 4: Breezing Into France, Major General Erwin Rommel, commander of the Seventh Panzer Division and Photos of the Fall of Paris, 1940
The people in the houses were rudely awakened by the din of our tanks, the clatter and roar of tracks and engines. German troops camped beside the road, military vehicles stood parked in farmyards and in some places on the road itself. Civilians and French troops, their faces distorted with terror, lay huddled in the ditches, alongside hedges and in every hollow beside the road. We passed refugee columns, the carts abandoned by their owners, who had fled in panic into the fields. On we went, at a steady speed, towards our objective... The flat countryside lay spread out around us under the cold light of the moon. We were through the Maginot Line!

germany takes france1

6. Based on the quote and the pictures, What effect did the German Army have on civilians in France?

Source 5: Photos: Fall of France

7. Based on these pictures, where is the fighting of the Blizkrieg happening?
8. WWI was a trench war, fought in the countryside by soldiers. How will this war be different?,_calais,_zerst%c3%b6rtes_hafenviertel.jpg

Big Question: How is the Blitzkrieg BOTH a psychological attack and a physical one?

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