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SotM Scenarios1) From Mars With Love - Villain: Baron Blade - Environment: Wagner Mars Base - Required Heroes: LegacyThe set-up:Dr. Julius Wagner, famed astronaut and xeno-geologist, has approached his good friend Legacy with a problem. All communication with the Wagner Mars Base (named after Dr. Wagner) has been cut off. The base’s final communication suggested that perhaps the base was under attack by unknown forces. Legacy and the heroes agree to fly Dr. Wagner to Mars in their rocket plane to investigate.Once they arrive at the base, the heroes discover that Baron Blade has taken it over, and plans on using his TerraLunar Impulsion Beam to drag the Earth’s moon into the Earth unless the heroes can stop him.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Baron Blade2) Dr. Wagner must not die.Dr. Wagner has 10 hp and is considered a hero target, so that any card, power, or ability that affects all heroes or all hero targets will affect Dr. Wagner as well. However, anytime Dr. Wagner would take damage, any hero may choose to redirect the damage themselves instead. As with all redirected damage, the source and type of the damage remains the same, and the hero may further redirect or reduce the damage again with powers or abilities as usual.2) Ancient Programming - Villain: Omnitron - Environment: Ruins of Atlantis - Required Heroes: RaThe set-up:Ra has managed to uncover the location of the Lost Runestones of Atlantis, ancient tablets that supposedly contain mystical codes of great power. Gathering a group of heroes, Ra begins an excursion to retrieve them. But upon reaching the sunken city, they discover that Omnitron is also searching for the artifacts and that the giant robot plans to incorporate the ancient code into its programming to greatly increase its power.Can the heroes retrieve the artifacts before Omnitron can incorporate their code?Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Omnitron.2) The heroes must find all of the artifacts. There are (H x 3) artifacts.Heroes find an artifact by skipping any phase of their turn, though they may only skip one phase per turn. For example, one hero may skip their Draw phase to find an artifact, or their Power phase or their Play phase, but they may not skip more than one of those per turn.3) The Coronal Codex - Villain: Citizen Dawn - Environment: Insula Primalis - Required Heroes: Visionary, HakaThe set-up:While meditating, Visionary has a startling precognitive vision of a large glowing cube covered in unreadable symbols. This is the Coronal Codex, a device which was stranded on Earth when an alien spaceship crash landed. Most troubling of all, the vision showed that Citizen Dawn and her group of super-powered followers are on their way to the crash site to break into the spaceship to gain control of the Codex.Visionary and the heroes must make their way to Insula Primalis and retrieve the Coronal Codex from the crashed spaceship before Citizen Dawn and her followers can.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Citizen Dawn.2) The heroes must break all three layers of protective crystalline matrices that protect the Coronal Codex to retrieve it.The Coronal Codes is protected by three interlocking crystalline matrices, each of which must be circumvented to get to the next matrix. To circumvent the first matrix, the heroes must do (H) different types of damage to any target or combination of villain or environment targets across any period of time. The same hero doesn’t need to do all of them (although if one hero does do them all, that counts), and the instances of damage may be spread out in time in any way. At least one point of the damage must be done for it to count for that damage type. Multiple instances of the same kind of damage are irrelevant. Damage that has its type converted uses the final converted type, not what it started out as.For example, in a three-hero game, Hero A does one point of fire damage to a Citizen, then a few rounds goes by with no one else doing any damage. Then Hero B does 5 points of fire damage to another Citizen, which doesn’t help since fire damage has already been done. Next, Hero C does 2 points of psychic damage to an environment card which is converted into toxic damage, so at this point, two of the three locks on the first matrix have been broken by fire and toxic damage. Lastly, Hero A does 1 point of projectile damage to multiple targets, including Dawn herself. The number of targets doesn’t matter, but the fact that this is a third kind of damage means that the first Matrix has been circumvented.To circumvent the second matrix, everything is reset and the heroes must now do a total of (H + 1) different types of damage, irrespective of what kinds of damage were done to the first matrix. So for example, if fire damage was done to the first matrix, it can be done again to the second matrix (once) to count as one of the types of damage.To circumvent the third matrix, everything is reset again and the heroes must now do a total of (H + 2) different types of damage, irrespective of what kinds of damage were done to the previous two matrices.4) The Wedding of the Century - Villain: Grand Warlord Voss - Environment: Megalopolis - Required Heroes: BunkerThe set-up:One of Bunker’s good friends from the military is getting married in Megalopolis, and has invited Bunker to the wedding. Unfortunately, Grand Warlord Voss has chosen that day to stage an invasion, and the carnage is likely to upset the bride and groom’s perfect day unless the heroes can keep Voss’ army of minions at bay.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Grand Warlord Voss.2) None of Voss' minions must ever reach the wedding party (i.e. no minion may ever have four tokens on it)At the start of the villain turn, put a token on each minion in play. If any minion ever gets four tokens, the advancing army has reached the wedding and the scenario is lost. When a minion is sent to the villain trash, all of its tokens are removed.Bonus win condition: If Bunker himself manages to land the final blow on Grand Warlord Voss, then he can present the gem from Voss’ belt as a special wedding present to the newlyweds.5) Hot Potato - Villain: Baron Blade - Environment: Ruins of Atlantis - Required Heroes: Tachyon, RaThe set-up:Ra’s continuing investigations of the Lost Runestones of Atlantis have revealed that when the mystical codes on the Runestones are read aloud, ancient energy erupts from the stones, coalescing into a small, glowing ball of immense power. Before Ra can investigate any further however, Baron Blade breaks into the laboratory, claiming to have been secretly observing Ra’s work all along so that he can seize the glowing sphere for himself.Just then, Tachyon arrives. With a warning shout from Ra to keep the sphere away from the Baron at all costs, Tachyon snatches the device and races off, hoping that between herself and the rest of the heroes, they can keep the sphere safe long enough to defeat Baron Blade.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Baron Blade before he gets the sphere (i.e. before the villain trash contains 15 cards).2) The scenario is lost if the hero who currently holds the sphere at any point during the game is incapacitated. At the start of the game, Tachyon holds the sphere. For whoever currently holds the sphere, at the start of their Hero Phase they may choose to hand the sphere off to any other hero, or may choose to keep it themselves for another round. There is no limit to the number of times the sphere may be handed off per round (i.e. every hero could hand it off on their turn if they wished).The energy sphere is unstable. If the hero who is currently holding the sphere takes damage from any source, (a) the damage they take is increased by 1, and (b) they must take the top 2 cards from their hero deck and put them in their trash.6) Space Oddity - Villain: Grand Warlord Voss - Environment: Wagner Mars Base - Required Heroes: Absolute Zero, WraithThe set-up:The Wagner Mars Base took quite a bit of damage during the previous battle with Baron Blade, and Absolute Zero and Wraith have agreed to fly to the base to assist with the repairs. While there they discover that Grand Warlord Voss, who has retreated to the red planet after his humiliating defeat in Megalopolis, is staging his forces to re-invade the Earth.The heroes must repair the base’s radio transmitter to warn Earth of the impending invasion before it’s too late.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Grand Warlord Voss.2) The heroes must rebuild the radio transmitter (see below).In order to rebuild the radio transmitter, the heroes must play a certain number of certain types of cards (see below). However, every time the villain plays any ongoing card, the transmitter has been destroyed by the fighting and the rebuilding effort must begin again from scratch.The heroes must play the following types of cards, in any order, before the villain plays an ongoing card: (H) ongoing cards, (H) equipment cards, (H) one-shot cards. The card's normal effect takes place as usual when it is played, and if the card is later removed from play, that has no effect on the rebuilding effort (in fact, a card may be played, sent back to your hand or trash, then somehow replayed and it will count as having been played each time). Any combination of heroes may play any combination of these cards to count towards the total (i.e. not all need to come from a single hero, they don’t have to come from all different heroes, etc.)Whenever the villain plays any ongoing card, all gains the heroes have made towards building the transmitter are erased, and the totals for each type of card is reset to zero. The rebuilding effort must start over from scratch.7) Lightning Rod - Villain: Omnitron - Environment: Insula Primalis - Required Heroes: Tempest, HakaThe set-up:The recent adventure in Insula Primalis made a big impression on Haka, and he’s been dying to get back there to explore the unspoiled wilderness. Finally convincing Tempest to come along for the trip, the heroes head off for an extended camping/wilderness exploration excursion.The first few days of the vacation are perfect, but then a huge thunderstorm forces the heroes to take shelter under the deep canopy. There, the heroes stumble upon an Omnitron manufacturing facility secretly hidden in the jungle wilderness churning out drones and devices. The heroes decide to take out the facility, but not before Tempest comes up with a clever idea to use the power of the storm to disrupt the facility’s ability to communicate with the rest of Omnitron.Using vines from a metallic plant Haka had found earlier, Tempest creates a interlocking net which Haka secures in the canopy over the facility. As long as the net continues to receive electrical discharges from the storm or any other source, it will block all incoming or outgoing communication.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Omnitron.2) The electrical net must never run out of charges. If the net ever has zero charges, the scenario is failed.At the start of the game, the net starts with five counters. Each time lightning damage is dealt by any target to any target, whether the source is a hero card, villain card, or environment card, add one counter to the net. The amount of damage or number of targets does not affect the number of counters added -- always add just one counter each time. Add the counter even if the target is immune or the damage is reduced to zero by an ability.In addition to the counters added when lightning damage is dealt, roll one 6-sided die and do the following based on the roll: (1) Add one more counter to the net (2) Add one more counter to the net (3) Do nothing. (4) Remove one counter from the net. (5) Remove one counter from the net and deal 1 lightning damage to each hero target. (6) Remove one counter from the net and deal 1 lightning damage to each villain target.8) Do It For The Children - Villain: Citizen Dawn - Environment: Megalopolis - Required Heroes: FanaticThe set-up:Fanatic visits an old friend, Father O’Brien of the Community Devotional Church, in Megalopolis. While helping distribute clothing to the homeless and reading stories to orphans, Father O’Brien reminds Fanatic to think of the least among us as she goes about saving the world. As Voss’ recent invasion of Megalopolis showed, often those who are most affected by world-shattering events are the ones who can least afford to shoulder the burden.Fanatic thanks Father O’Brien for the reminder and leaves. On the way back to Sentinels headquarters though, she hears a loud explosion and changes course to investigate. It’s Citizen Dawn and her followers, attempting to destroy the financial and banking centers of Megalopolis in order to paralyze the society of "normals" so Dawn can take control. As Fanatic calls for more heroes to join the fray, she remembers her promise to Father O’Brien and vows to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Citizen Dawn.2) The city must take no more than (H x 4) points of collateral damage.The city starts out with (H x 4) tokens. Each time a hero or villain uses a damaging power that affects more than one target, remove a token. Each time damage is dealt to a Traffic Pileup, or Plummeting Monorail environment card, remove a token (remove a single token per attack regardless of how much damage is done for the attack, but if the Traffic Pileup or Plummeting Monorail are damaged as a result of an attack that targets more than one target, you must remove two tokens -- one for the multi-target attack, and one for damaging the environment card).If the city ever runs out of tokens, the scenario is failed.9) Phase Convergence - Villain: Omnitron - Environment: Ruins of Atlantis, Megalopolis - Required Heroes: Ra - Excluded Heroes: TachyonThe set-up:Ra has hit a dead end with his further study of the glowing energy sphere that was produced by the Atlantean Runestones, and the group’s resident scientific expert, Tachyon, is off on another mission. So Bunker suggests contacting Dr. Ceilia Bennet, one of the military engineers responsible for the power systems in his Bunker armor. Ra agrees, and after travelling to a hidden high tech facility in Megalopolis to meet Dr. Bennet, she agrees to perform an analysis of the sphere’s energy signatures.Disastrously, Dr. Bennet’s tests seem to trigger something in the sphere which sends out a coded signal, attracting the attention of Omnitron who had itself been searching for the Atlantean Runestones. As Omnitron attacks Megalopolis searching for the hidden military facility, the sphere’s energy signature begins to oscillate, shifting the boundary of reality between Megalopolis and the Ruins of Atlantis where the Runestones were originally found.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Omnitron.There are two Environments for this scenario (Megalopolis and Ruins of Atlantis), and the fight will switch between them, starting with Megalopolis. The first time the Environment turn comes around, play the Megalopolis environment as usual and the Ruins of Atlantis environment has no effect on the game. At the start of the next Environment turn, switch to the Ruins of Atlantis environment and play it as usual, completely ignoring the Megalopolis environment.Switching environments takes place at the very beginning of the start of the environment phase, so any environmental effect which occurs at the start of the environment turn will only happen if that environment is the one being switched to.The heroes win the scenario if they defeat Omnitron as usual. There are no other win conditions.10) End of a Legacy - Villain: Baron Blade - Environment: Insula Primalis - Required Heroes: Legacy - Excluded Heroes: Young LegacyThe set-up:Young Legacy has been begging her father to go with her on a tour of college campuses to help her decide where to study. Legacy has been very busy with the Mars Base reconstruction and other hero duties but finally agrees to meet her at Pacific City university for a tour. Unfortunately, before he can meet her there, Legacy is called away to help with a huge natural disaster, and he misses his appointment with Young Legacy.To Legacy’s horror, when he finally arrives at the college, he learns that Baron Blade, posing as a professor, has kidnapped Young Legacy and has spirited her away to a new base in Insula Primalis where he plans to siphon the Legacy power into himself. Legacy gathers a group of heroes and races to Insula Primalis, praying that they arrive in time to save his daughter.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Baron Blade before the power transfer is complete (i.e. before the villain trash contains 15 cards).Instead of the moon crashing into the Earth when Baron Blade’s villain trash contains 15 cards, his transfer of power from Legacy to himself is complete when 15 cards are in his villain trash. The heroes must defeat Baron Blade before this happens.As more cards accumulate in the villain trash, more of Young Legacy’s power has been transferred to Baron Blade. Add these conditions to Baron Blade’s villain card: - At the start of the villain turn, if the villain trash has 5 or more cards in it, damage dealt to villains, minions and devices is reduced by 1. - At the start of the villain turn, if the villain trash has 10 or more cards in it, damage dealt by villains, minions, and devices is increased by 1.The first condition will still be true when the second condition is met, so by the time there are 10 cards in the villain trash, both the damage reduction and bonus damage effects will be in play.11) Red Planet Shootout - Villain: Citizen Dawn - Environment: Wagner Mars Base - Required Heroes: Bunker, Ra, Tempest, [Expatriette]The set-up:Sitting around the Sentinel’s HQ, the heroes get into a friendly argument over who is the team's best blaster. Bunker, Ra, and Tempest (and Expatriette, if you're playing with her) each think they are the best in the group and each has their favorite story of how they took down a villain or goon at just the right moment to save the day. But of course, no one has any way to actually prove who is the best.And then they receive the call. Citizen Dawn has taken over the Wagner Mars Base and has declared it to be the homeland for a new nation populated by her superpowered followers. Excited at the prospect of settling their argument once and for all, the heroes race to their rocket plane, declaring that this shootout on the Red Planet will finally show who is truly the best.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Citizen Dawn.There are no other win conditions for this scenario beyond simply defeating the villian. However, each of the heroes is also participating in a contest to see who can rack up the most “points”.A hero gets a point for every minion to which they deal the killing blow (i.e. their damage is responsible for sending the minion card to the villain trash). Damage done to a minion that does not result in that minion being sent to the villain trash doesn’t score the hero a point. The point is awarded to the hero who is doing the damage regardless of any boosts or help they receive for the attack from other heroes. For example, if Tempest deals 1 damage, which is boosted by 1 by Legacy, which makes it enough to send a minion to the trash, Tempest receives one point and Legacy receives none for the attack.In addition to the points scored by taking out minions, whichever hero deals the final bit of damage to Citizen Dawn herself receives 5 points.12) Big Game Hunter - Villain: Grand Warlord Voss - Environment: Insula Primalis - Required Heroes: Haka, Tachyon, Absolute ZeroThe set-up:Haka's love affair with the wilds of Insula Primalis continues. He wants to go back to the secluded area to hunt the jungle's great reptiles for sport. Tachyon is horrified at this idea, saying that the reptiles should be studied, not hunted. Absolute Zero proposes a compromise in which Tachyon gathers samples from the beasts while Haka is attempting to best the creatures in combat. This is deemed acceptable to all, and the heroes head off to Insula Primalis.Not surprisingly, things get more complicated when, while hunting the elusive reptiles, the heroes come upon Grand Warlord Voss and his invasion vanguard. Neither Haka nor Tachyon are willing to give up their plans however, so while fighting Voss and his minions, the hunt continues. Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Grand Warlord Voss.2) Three different reptiles must be defeated by Haka and sampled by Tachyon.To win this scenario, both of the following two conditions must be met (in addition to defeating the villain as usual):1) Haka must land the killing blow on three separate reptiles environment cards (Enraged T-Rex, Pterodactyl Thief, Velociraptor Attack). The three need not be all different, so all three velociraptors, or two velociraptors and a t-rex, etc. are acceptable. If anyone besides Haka deals the damage to the environment card which sends it to the trash, then it does not count towards the total. Haka does not need to do all the damage dealt to an environment card for it to count, just the final bit of damage that sends it to the trash.2) Tachyon must deal any amount of damage to three separate reptile environment cards (Enraged T-Rex, Pterodactyl Thief, Velociraptor Attack), but must not do enough damage to send the card to the trash. Doing damage to the same environment card multiple times (i.e. doing damage across subsequent rounds) isn't relevant, just the number of cards which are "sampled" by Tachyon.13) Girl's Night Out - Villain: Baron Blade - Environment: Megalopolis - Required Heroes: Wraith, Fanatic, VisionaryThe set-up:Wraith must attend a big charity event in Megalopolis as her alter ego, and she manages to convince Fanatic and Visionary to accompany her for a girl's night out. The event is a rousing success and everyone has a wonderful time meeting and partying with the rich, famous, and connected people of the city.Unfortunately, just at the stroke of midnight, many of the famous figures at the party begin to shimmer and change as their appearances shift to become those of Baron Blade and his minions. The Baron announces that he's hidden a bomb somewhere in the city which he will detonate unless he's paid an exorbitant ransom. Quickly sneaking away to change costumes, the heroes reappear to confront Baron Blade, who calmly orders his minions to reassume their holographic disguises. Laughing maniacally, the Baron asks how the heroes can possibly defeat him if they can't even tell friend from foe.Win condition:1) The heroes must defeat Baron Blade before the bomb explodes (i.e. before the villain trash contains 15 cards).The Baron’s new super-tech allows him to holographically disguise anyone so that the heroes can’t be certain if they’re attacking the bad guys, the good guys, or innocent bystanders.Every time a hero deals damage to a villain card, roll a die. On a roll of 2, the villain card being attacked has actually been disguised to look like one of the charity guests and that villain target is not a valid target for the hero until the beginning of the hero's next turn. The hero may choose a different villain target for the attack they are executing as long as more valid targets exist (which would require a new roll for each new target). If there are no more valid targets available, the hero may not execute the attack.On a roll of 1, the hero has actually attacked one of their fellow heroes who has been holographically disguised to look like one of the minions. In this case, the original attack is considered to have successfully landed on the villain target, but the villain target is considered to be completely immune to the damage dealt. In addition, the hero deals 1 point of damage of the same type as the original attack to the hero target with the highest hp other than themselves.Only attacks on villain targets require a roll. Attacks on environment targets do not require a roll.

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