Sorry, London: New York Is the World's Most Economically Powerful City

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Building Facts

  • Opened October 2014

  • Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (David M. Childs)

  • Tallest of new WTC Complex

  • 104 Stories / 1776 feet high

  • 3 million rentable square feet of space

  • 55 foot high office lobby

  • 54 High-speed destination dispatch passenger elevators

  • Life-safety systems far exceed NYC building code

  • Bound by West, Fulton, Washington and Vesey Streets


Remain at the top of global cities thanks to Science Parks:


The Alexandria Center for Life Science – New York City is designed to foster unique and innovative collaborations among New York’s world-renowned academic and medical institutions, preeminent scientific talent, top-tier investment capital, and the broad and diverse commercial life science industry and to speed the translation of promising new life science discoveries “from bench to bedside.” It is New York’s first and only premier life science park in New York City.

** Proposed Science Park Hopes to Lure Biotech to New York


Published: August 11, 2005

A California real estate company has agreed to build a $700 million complex of commercial health care laboratories on the campus of Bellevue Hospital Center, a venture that city officials hope will spur the growth of the biotechnology industry in New York. The East River Science Park, as the complex would be named, would cover four and a half acres owned by the city's Health and Hospitals Corporation between 28th and 29th Streets and First Avenue and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive. Officials said it was being created to attract the kind of the small start-up companies that are routinely spun off from academic research projects at the city's universities and hospitals and to appeal to established biotechnology companies now clustered in places like Silicon Valley.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who announced the deal yesterday, said Alexandria Real Estate Equities, a real estate investment trust in Pasadena, Calif., that specializes in medical laboratories, had agreed to build the complex even before it had lined up commercial tenants.

Mr. Bloomberg said the city was already a leading center of bioscience research, and could become "one of the nation's primary bioscience clusters as well" with the new East Side complex.

Gentrification: the case of Harlem

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