Son William 1783 Halifax Co. Va may be

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Jasper Co. GA
1823 June 19 marriage son James Brooks to Sarah Bullard [LSS note: Sarah is sister of Jarmony who married James' niece, daughter of his brother William. Marriages 1816-1841 p.45]
1823 November 21 marriage son Paschal to his 2nd wife, Sarah Frances Traylor [Marriages 1816 - 1841 p. 40. LSS note: haven't identified her parents.]
1826 James Brooks joined congregation of Sandy Creek Baptist Church, church located over the border in Butts County, but he lived in Jasper Co. [per church minutes]
1826 January 18 marriage granddaughter Sarah Catherine Brooks to Jarmany G. Bullard [lss note: this is William's eldest daughter; Jarmany was appointed / chosen guardian of her three younger siblings when James' estate was distributed. Marriages 1816-1841 p. 80]
1827 Lottery James Brooks of Jasper Co. drew land in Coweta Co., Lot #59, Section 9. List shows him a married man and RW soldier. [lss note: How literal do we take "married" here? Does this prove Elizabeth is still alive in 1827?]
1828 January 19 James Brooks chosen pastor Sandy Creek Baptist Church [per minutes]

1828 March or April death James Brooks. Minutes of Sandy Creek Baptist Church March 14 minutes -- "to send Brother Brooks" to ordination of deacon April 1st; April 19 set aside as day to choose a new pastor.

1828 July 9 estate of James Brooks probated, Paschal and Beving Brooks administrators, James Brooks Jr. and Robert Bickerstaff security. [Jasper Co. Minute Bk A p. 208; Adm Bond Bk B p. 241; Inv & Appr Wills Bk 9, page 67 and 68; land Annual return 1833. LSS note: Robert Bickerstaff co-signing security bond is a major clue, but what? Could his yet unidentified second wife be a daughter of James and Elizabeth? Thus his last marriage was his third?]
1828 Sale of Negroes -- Nancy and her two children, Solomon and Rachel; Amy and her two children, Maria and Warren; Ben, Juda
1829 Jasper Co. probate mentions expenses for sale of land in Campbell Co. and also Coweta, now Crawford Co. [lss note: the latter is the 1827 lottery land]
1830 September 27 Coweta County: Lot #59, Section 9 granted to James Brooks of Jasper Co. per 1827 Lottery.

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