Son William 1783 Halifax Co. Va may be

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Putnam Co. GA
1811 August 3 James Brooks purchased 101.25 acres, Lot #99, 14th district,

from David Howe. James (x) Brooks sold this tract with Merryman Pounds in 1820 to John Howard. [lss note: no indication why Pounds is involved in this.]

1812 January 6 James Brooks M.G. married John A. Mapp and Sally Brothers.
1813 Putnam Co. GA tax list: James Brooks 6 slaves, 50 acres on Murders Creek; John Sparks, same list, 150 acres
1814 January death son William, probably at the Battle of Calabee Creek, in Alabama. [lss note: William left four minor children named in James' probate records, but no wife is mentioned in William's probate records. This makes me think his wife died before William's estate was probated. Others believe Letitia (Bickerstaff) married secondly Britton Brazeal.]
1814 March 7 James Brooks appt'd admr estate William Brooks dec'd [Putnam Co. Probate

1814 approx marriage year son Bevin Brooks to Permelia (surname unknown)

[marriage based on census and TX land records]
1818 October 29 son Paschal Brooks married Belvy Beal, county unknown
1820 Putnam Co. GA census: James Brooks 1 male 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 fem over 45, 7 slaves (p. 108) [lss note: William's minors are living with James and Elizabeth; I feel sure the male "26-45" is James "over 45".]
1820 Putnam Co. GA James Brooks sold land 50 acres

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