Son William 1783 Halifax Co. Va may be

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Jackson Co. GA
1804 James Brooks [per Tax digest]
1804 approx. year son William married, wife's name unknown. [lss note: this my personal opinion; other researchers give Letitia Bickerstaff.]
1805 Jackson Co. Lottery James Brooks (drew 2 blanks)
1806 March 29 marriage daughter Sarah "Sally" to John Sparks [Jackson Co. Marriage License]
1809 March 7 James Strawn of Randolph Co. to James Brooks of Jackson Co., for $300, 80 acres on waters of Masbury's Creek, wit: C. T. Traylor, Thomas Hooks. [Jackson Co. Deed Bk E p. 172]
1809 Oct 2 James Brooks of Jackson Co. to William Henley of same for $300, 87 1/2 acres on Masbury's Creek /s/ James ( ) Brooks. [Jackson Co. Deed Bk F p. 213]
1810 Jackson Co. Ga James Brooks [per Tax digest]

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