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Course Description
Sixth grade English Language Arts is the study of skills in reading, literary analysis, writing process, writing applications, communication, and informative and media literacy. Students will develop comprehension, vocabulary, reading, and communication skills required to analyze, develop arguments, develop opinions, and support and discuss. Independent, classroom based exercises, and technology integration will assist students in all essential areas of Language Arts.
This course will foster students’ ability to read critically and write to provide evidence and proof formulating effective communication skills. The course will provide a foundation for future career goals.
Course Standards
Reading Process- Fluency, Vocabulary Development, and Reading Comprehension

Literary Analysis- Fiction and Non Fiction

Writing Process- Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing for Language Conventions, and Publishing

Writing Applications- Creative, Informative, and Persuasive

Communication- Penmanship and Listening, and Speaking

Informative and Media Literacy- Informative Text, Research Process, Media Literacy, and Technology.
Common Core State Standards
This course will integrate the use of vocabulary and effective communication to defend responses. Students will be encouraged to ask why? Think deeper and examine complex text, poetry, and non-fiction. Students will learn to compare and contrast specific text.
Required Text
McDougall Littell Literature 6
Course Outline
Unit 1: Plot, Conflict, Setting

Part of Speech: Nouns

Grammar: Quotation Marks and Dialogue

Writing: Short Story

The School Play- Gary Soto

All Summer in a Day- Ray Bradbury

Unit 2: Analyze Character and Point of View

Part of Speech: Verbs

Grammar: Capitalization

Writing: Comparison-Contrast Essay

Eleven- Sandra Cisneros

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me- Maya Angelou

Unit 3: Myths, Legends, and Tales (Multicultural Festival) - Theme

Part of Speech: Adjectives

Grammar: Simple and Complex Sentences

Writing: Short Story, Literary Analysis Essay

Arachne- Olivia E. Coolidge

The Crane Maiden- Rafe Martin

Aunty Misery- Judith Ortiz Cofer


Unit 4: Appreciating Poetry

Part of Speech: Adverb

Grammar: Punctuation

Writing: Write Poetry, Analyze Poetry

Something Told the Wild Geese- Rachel Field

Change- Charlotte Zolotow

Two Haiku- Basho

Windshield Wiper- Eve Merriam

Night Journey- Theodore Roethke

who knows if the moon’s- E.E. Cummings

Unit 5: Biography and Autobiography

Part of Speech: Prepositions

Grammar: Use of Italics

Writing: Personal Narrative

The Story of My Life- Helen Keller

The Life of Harry Houdini- Tom Lalicki

Unit 6: Information, Argument, and Persuasion

Part of Speech: Conjunctions

Grammar: Use of Commas and Colons

Writing: Persuasive Essay

SuperCroc- Peter Winkler

Bird Brains- Gareth Hue Davies

What Video Games Can Teach Us- Emily Sohn

The Violent Side of Video Games- Emily Sohn

Methods of Assessment/Grading Scale
Tests/Quizzes/Projects- 40%

Classwork- 40%

Homework- 20%
A= 90 - 100%

B= 80 - 89%

C= 70 - 79%

D= 60 - 69%

F= 0 - 59%

Late Assignments

20% will be deducted from grade for work handed in up to 2 days late. Any work turned in after 2 days will not be accepted.

Compliment System
GOAL!!! Language Arts students will have the opportunity to dribble up and down on the soccer field for their chance to score.

  • Exceptional behavior and class participation allows class to dribble ahead one space

  • Unacceptable behavior and/or participation means a loss of possession and class will move back one space

Spelling contracts will be assigned each week. The contract will be due the last day of class for the week according to the schedule (A/B Day). Additional projects or assignments may be assigned.

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