Some Questions in the Philosophy of Science

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Some Questions in the Philosophy of Science

  • What exactly is science? What distinguishes science from other areas of knowledge--history, philosophy, etc.? What separates real science from "fake" science--e.g., astrology, parapsychology(?), "creation science"(?)?

  • Is science the best way to know about the world? Or are there alternative avenues of knowledge that are no less valid--e.g., religion? If science is the best way to gain knowledge of the world, what gives it this special status?

  • What is a scientific theory? How should scientists decide which among competing theories to accept?

  • Why do scientists sometimes disagree with each other, even when they have the same data? Could fully rational scientists have such disagreements?

  • What is scientific progress? Does it really exist? Is science getting us closer and closer to the Truth?

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