Some Insights to Ponder and Evaluate About the Hidden, Secretive Makeup of Kabbalism

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Part IV

Some Insights to Ponder and Evaluate

About the Hidden, Secretive Makeup of Kabbalism

    Though he doesn’t say so in his comments about the Kabbala, Avram Yehoshua appears to be a Jew who has made a genuine conversion to Biblical Christianity. As such, he is of course anathema to Judaism (counted as dead actually), and his observations deemed worse than useless.

    On the other hand, one could say that here is an insider who knows the truth about Kabbala and can tell it like it is. With that latter view in mind we can begin with his assessment of Kabbalism in the spirit that there should be something instructive to Jew and Gentile alike who are looking for insight into the matter.

    In his lead paragraph taken from an Internet essay entitled simply "Kabbalah", Yehoshua says:

        "Kabbalah is an attempt on the part of some Jewish men and women to seek the God of Israel through mystical and Gnostic means. For many centuries it was well outside normative Judaism, although today it has permeated into Orthodox Judaism and also claims many ‘secular’ Jewish (and Gentile[!]) adherents. Kabbalah is a counterfeit of Satan.... 1 [p.1] (Emph. added throughout.)

        Kabbalah is a mixture of demonic activity, pagan philosophy, gnosticism and the Hebrew Bible. Kabbalah is the mystical religious stream in Judaism... In all periods it was influenced by foreign spiritual currents, such as gnosticism and neo-platonism.... [p. 1]

        The use of Divine names ‘to get to God’ is not the Way of Yahveh. The fruit of this is seen in that magic and amulets are used. This is sin as it goes against Yahveh’s Word in His Torah (Deut. 18:10, 14). These Jewish mystics opened a spiritual door, but not one you want to go through.... [p. 1]

       ...Kabbalah is nothing more than gnosticism with a Jewish twist to it.... [p. 2]

    Sorcery and magic are prohibited by the Bible (Exod. 22:17) but the Talmud, while proscribing the practice as heathenish, admits its efficacy. Members of the Sanhedrin were supposed to have had a thorough knowledge of magic and sorcery... The magic of names (Divine names, Tetragrammaton, names of angels, permutations and combinations of Hebrew letters or scriptural quotations), whether in amulets or spoken formulas, flourished at all times but particularly under the influence of Kabbalah....[p. 2]

    With the development of the later Kabbalah and its insistence on the efficacy of combinations of letters of the Divine names, the vogue of amulets became universal, and their preparation was regarded as a rabbinic function... [p. 2].

        ‘Jewish mysticism’ was picked up in Babylon. It was Babylonian paganism (the basis for gnosticism), that some Jewish men living in Babylon adopted and adapted to the Hebrew Babylonian gnosticism its ‘Jewish clothes’... [p.2]

        ...Yahveh tells us not to be concerned with the ‘mysteries’ or ‘secrets’ of Creation, His Name, etc... "The secret things belong to Yahveh our God’ (Deut.29:29) [p.3] Kabbalah, there is a schematic, philosophical system of ten levels, known as sephirot, that one must climb in order to achieve this revelation....[p. 3]

        The goal for the Kabbalists of Gerona (Spain of the 13th century) was ‘to achieve communion with God through concentration in prayer and the mediation of the sephirot. The mediation of the sepher yetzirah uses the ‘creative force of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and propounds the doctrine of ten sephirot through which the world came into being’.... [p. 3]

        The climax of Spanish kabbalism was the appearance of the Zohar.... All later kabbalistic systems derived from the Zohar, which teaches the self-manifestation or revelation of God through the Divine sephirot which He emanated. En-soph, the transcendent God, remains forever beyond the grasp of the human mind which can only comprehend the sephirot.... [p. 3]

    The idea that man can and must ‘restore the damage’ of sin is totally foreign to the Word of God. Only God can redeem Man from his fallen and sinful state and He has done this in Messiah Yeshua.... [p. 4]

        There is no doubt as to its [Kabbala’s] ‘ancientness’ and that it has ‘come down’ to us. There is also no question that Kabbalah is an ‘alternative’ form of religion. As such, it runs totally contrary to the Word of God, both written and Alive. It is just another of many satanic ‘voices’ calling for the souls of Jewish men and women... More subtle than all the beasts of the field is the Serpent...." [p. 4]

        With some of that in mind, we turn to a variety of other commentaries about the Kabbala. Remember this from Part I?

        "The Ramban [13th century. Rabbi Nachmanides], who refers to what he writes as coming from "hidden" knowledge, says that this initial creation was something so small and without physical form. This idea that everything originated from a singular point in the universe is what science calls The Big Bang!" 2

        "The Kabbalists hold the total number of sefirot to be ten. Like the "superstring" theorists of contemporary physics, they view the world as being comprised not of four, but of ten dimensions.... 3

        In its earliest form the doctrine of the sefirot gave expression to the view that the sefirot are the instruments or building blocks of creation.... [p. 3]

        According to Sefer Yetzirah, the Sefirot are ‘living numerical beings", the hidden "depth" and "dimension" to all things.... [p. 3]

        By the time of the earliest kabbalist work, Sefer Ha Bahir (late 12th century), the Sefirot are no longer regarded as numbers, but are understood as aeons [of time]...which serve as the instruments of creation...." [p. 3]

        In his "Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled", author Mathers states:

        "...The practical Quabalah deals with talismanic and ceremonial magic.... 4

        Nesta Webster cites 17th century Cabalist and English Rosicrucian, Robert Fludd, who classified [magic] under various headings...: 1) Natural magic....that most occult and secret department of physics by which the mystical properties of natural substances are extracted; 2) Mathematical magic, which enables adepts in the art to ‘construct marvelous machines by means of their geometrical knowledge’; 3) Benefic Magic is familiar, with potions, philitre, and with various preparations of poisons.’ [pp. 1, 2]

        ...all these have passed into the realms of science and are no longer regarded as magical arts.... [p, 2]

        David Conway states in ‘Ritual Magic’, that there are many manuscripts related to the esoteric teachings referred to in the Talmud and more importantly the writing of Kabbalah.... [p, 2]

        The chief book of the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Creation) is considered to be older than the Talmud simply by the fact that in the Talmud the Rabbis are described as studying it for magical purposes...." [p, 2]

        Regarding that "chief book of the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah," we read elsewhere:

        "The Tarot images are derived from the astrological-formative symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira. The planetary correspondences were ‘encoded’ to minimize the appearance of Jewish alphabetic influence.... 5

        The images of the Tarot are derived from the inner meanings of the Hebrew alphabet as specified by the astrological, alpha-numeric and grammatical symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira.... [p, 1]

        ...The images of the Tarot are derivative signs pointing to the cosmological signifiers of the ‘alphabet of creation’, and are thus based in a Jewish tradition at least two thousand years old, and if we listen to the qabala, much older. The tradition...was always hidden deeply within an orally-transmitted esoteric Jewish heritage. [p. 2]

        This tradition produced the Tarot in the late 14th or early 15th century, as a set of pictorial ‘flashcards’ containing the basic symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira’s astrological and formative letter correspondences...[p. 2]

        A century ago, there might have been some excuse for largely ignoring the ancient Hebrew tradition underlying the Tarot...we no longer have that excuse."[p.5]

        In "Early Hebrew Mysticism" by Mark Filipas there are several pages "...dealing specifically with letter mysticism and kabbalism since these may be of interest to other Tarotists and researchers." One of these cites "Eleazar ben Judah of Worms on the Sepher Raziel (late 12th-century), a kabbalistic work which cites Merkavah literature and describes the power of the Hebrew alphabet, the orders of angels, the Divine Throne, the Chariot, the Divine Voice, the Divine names, and a practical guide for the creation of a golem." 6

        Regarding "the creation of a golem" there are some very interesting insights from a piece called "Rava’s Golem". For example:

        "...Together with Rav Abaye (d.c. 338 C.E.), Rava [Abba Ben Rav Hamma] was one of the central pillars of Babylonian Talmudic learning....7

        To those who study the Kabbalah, Rava is also known for his delvings into the Sefer Yetzirah and his use of its teachings to create a golem.... This text is said to contain the secrets of the creative processes by which God brought the universe into being.... [p. 1]

        Rava studied and mediated for three years with Rabbi Zera, at the end of which they produced a calf and then immediately forgot the knowledge which they had learned. After three additional years, they managed the same feat.... No less an authority than the Talmud states that ‘Rava created a man and sent him to Rabbi Zera. The rabbi spoke to him but he did not answer.... This is the only instance in the Talmud which refers directly to the creation of a Humanoid Golem. [p. 1] In many cases the completion of the study of Sefer Yetzirah was marked by the ritual of creating a golem.... [p, 2]

        Golems can be created using many different methods.... Some state that it is accomplished through combinations of letters. These combinations are called ‘gates,’ the number of gates differing according to the various Kabbalistic schools, and ranging in number from 231 to as many as 271.... Other schools taught that a golem was created through the utterance of the Divine Names. The Talmud records that there are 12, 42, and even 72 letter names of God which might have been used for this purpose....[p. 2]

        The use of gates and the pronunciation of the Divine names are both magic of the highest sort. Magical practices are forbidden in the Hebrew Bible, but the Talmud allows ‘activities like those of Rabbi Hanina and Rabbi Hoshia....’ [p. 2]

        A golem will always be somewhat less than human. [p. 3]

        Nowhere are the dangers of creation [of a golem] more poignantly elaborated on than in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.... [p. 4]

        ...If Frankenstein is read with an eye towards Kabbalistic parallels, the impending tragedy can be anticipated.... [p. 4]


        With just a few references, we note here a couple of additional secret societies with deep connections to Kabbalism, connections which would fill books:

        Note this from "Israel Messianic Expectations, Freemasons Masonic Conspiracy...”

        "Kabbalah, the secret doctrine of the Rosicrucians, also describes the Messianic Kingdom as a period of forced conversions of the Gentiles to Judaism. We know from occult sources and from Scripture that there will be a counterfeit fulfillment of Bible prophecy so convincing that even the elect might be deceived, if that were possible (Matt.24:24). 8

        Are Christians presently being conditioned for future conversion to Judaism via the Hebrew Roots and Messianic Movements? [p, 2]

        ...there is abundant evidence that the Vatican has been infiltrated and is now under the firm control of the Freemasonic syndicate.... Some of the more traditional Catholic publications...provide a most interesting history of the Masonic takeover of the Vatican.... [p. 2]

        This is pertinent too and can be pursued at the site given:

        "...There are interesting correspondences between Torah-Talmud-Kabbala and Taoism-Buddhism." 9

        So! What conclusions can be drawn from such information as the foregoing about Kabbalic connections to the occult (all expandable by shelves of books)?

        There are several ever-present and indisputable threads running through the Kabbala/Talmud and all the entities which they are known to resemble, influence, or control, some of which threads you have seen. :

        a) They are all highly secretive about their teachings and agendas. The Internet Information Highway is forcing those teachings and agendas into the open.

        b) One of the long hidden truths about this genre of teachings and agendas is that they are intellectually drenched in a halloweenish aura of black magic stuff ranging from Tarot Cards and alphabet magic to the Creation of Humanoids.

        c) These Religious Organizations always present themselves to those caught in their toils as highly esoteric operations which occupy the high ground intellectually and morally, ground where only truly illuminated minds will fit in, and others not so gifted need to be kept in the dark.

        d) Though the Bible is used some, it is always subservient to other more highly ranked tomes, particularly the Kabbala and Talmud.

        e) There is an all-out focus on altering the six-day Creation Account in Genesis in order: 1) To make it compliment and authenticate the Kabbala Origins Scenario of a Relativistic c. 15 billion year old creation and billions of light years distances to the stars; 2) To Destroy the Bible’s Credibility as the inerrant Word of God, and most especially to destroy the credibility of the New Testament of Jesus Christ; 3) To Assign prophetic-fulfillment sanctity to the Kabbalic Creation Account over the Biblical Account; 4) To back-up and "prove" this Kabbalic prophetic superiority by pointing to modern cosmology’s "factual" Relativistic, Big Bang Expanding Universe Paradigm as all the evidence that is needed.

        Thus, these and other characteristics of Kabbalism which will be noted present an interesting side glance into the somewhat spooky practices involved in this religion. What are some of the reasons, one wonders why such a small and secretive population of "illuminated adepts" would be driven to define and control knowledge...and to succeed to such a fantastic level? What do Kabbalists believe about themselves and their religion? Let’s find some answers in Part V.



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