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Solution Evaluation Report

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Neville Turbit

1 Feb 09

First draft

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Executive Overview 3

Demonstrations 4

Vendor Reviews 5

Vendor 1 5

Financial Viability 5

Business Structure 5

R&D 5

Source Code Escrow 5

Level of Technical Support 5

Indicative Pricing 6

Solution Impacts 7

Solution Evaluation Shortlist 8

Outstanding Risks 9

Risk 1 9

Risk 9

Probability and Impact 9

Mitigation 9

Outstanding Issues 10

Issue 1 10

Priority 10

Issue 10

Action 10

Other Information 11

Executive Overview

This phase was undertaken to:

  • Undertake a demonstration of the product

  • Gather information about each Vendor as a potential business partner

  • Obtain indicative pricing

  • Determine the vendors who would proceed to the next stage

We have now decided to proceed with the following vendors to the next stage:

  • Vendor 1

  • Vendor 2

Note: The Executive Overview should include a recommendation of the path forward.


After each demonstration a Demonstration Evaluation was prepared. They are attached as Appendix A

Vendor Reviews

We reviewed the vendors financial viability and looked for indications as to how we would work as business partners.

Vendor 1

Use whatever heading make sense in this area.

Financial Viability

Example: Vendor 1 is a US publically listed company. Their share price has remained static for some months however there was a downturn and recovery about one month ago. They were rumoured to be about to announce a profit downgrade but that did not eventuate. Three are still rumours that profit will not be achieved and a cost cutting program will be implemented. This could impact on R&D. It also provides us with a bargaining point as they will be keen to close sales before the end of the financial year.

Business Structure

Example: The local office has been downsized over recent years. In spite of assurances that there is going to be a rebuilding of the local distribution over the next year, industry gossip is that many of the technical people are looking for other jobs. If this is true, support will be a concern.


Example: The percentage of turnover allocated to R&D has increased over the last three years. On further investigation we found the dollars have actually declined, but not at the same rate as turnover. To some degree this is understandable as three years ago they undertook a major rewrite and have been bedding it down with only minor enhancements. We would expect it to start ramping up over the next year or two if a major upgrade is planned.

Source Code Escrow

Example: The vendor is prepared to have a copy of the source held in escrow at our expense.

Level of Technical Support

Example: An employee of the company worked for a competitor who had this software installed. The feedback was that support was difficult to obtain. One case mentioned was about a year ago when the system crashed it took 2 days for support to get it reinstated.

Indicative Pricing

Prepare a spreadsheet comparing prices and attach as Appendix B

Solution Impacts

The Preliminary Requirements Impact Assessment has been updated and included as Appendix C. Appendix D is a Solution Impact Assessment that focuses on impacts related to only one or some of the proposed solutions.

Solution Evaluation Shortlist

Solutions were evaluated and the reasons for continuing with, or ceasing evaluation noted. The Evaluation is included as Appendix E

Outstanding Risks

The key risks to the project are detailed below.


Enter the top five or so risks – particularly those relevant to the next phase, and a brief description of the actions being undertaken to mitigate the risks.

Risk 1


We might not be able to get Vendors to respond before Christmas and the project will be delayed.

Probability and Impact

Probability is Likely. Impact is High


As soon as we have approval to proceed, we will phone the vendors and alert them to our requirement to have a response before Christmas

Repeat for the top risks.

Outstanding Issues

The key issues remaining unresolved are listed below.


Issue 1




Unable to get a decision around the requirement for an interface to our HR system payroll


Meeting scheduled for 16 Feb to resolve the matter

Other Information

The following information is relevant to the phase outcome.


In this section record any information that should be noted as an outcome of the report. Some likely pieces of information are:

  • Variations proposed or agreed

  • HR issues such as new team members, team members leaving, or recruitment

  • Activities that impacted time on the project such as people required for other activities

  • New major risks if not already covered

  • Changes to Vendors such as change of ownership or key personnel

  • Change of direction by the project

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