Society and Culture of East-Central and South Eastern Europe 16th – 20th Century

Evaluation: graded examination, 6 ECTS

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Evaluation: graded examination, 6 ECTS

Attendance means participation in the work – reading the texts and participation in class discussions.

MA students: Individual research project – 10 – 15 pages.

BA students : Reflection of the seminar on 2-3 pages (max. 2000 words) at midterm, a take-away examination.


Written texts may be delivered either in English, French, German or Czech, Slovak, Polish and Russian language.

Academic Honesty Policy: Presenting work of another person as one´s own, using unauthorized assistance on exams, submitting the same paper in two classes is not tolerated and may lead to dismissal from the program.

Assessment BA students:

The grading will be based on attendance and participation in the discussions, midterm essay and final paper.

- Class attendance and active participation: 20%, (3 excused absences will be tolerated)

- Midterm essay: 30%

- Final Paper: 50 %

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