Social Studies Topic Work during session 2011-12

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Social Studies

Topic Work during session 2011-12

Social Studies (topic work) provide your child with a variety of ways to study history, heritage and culture. It also broadens their understanding of the world as they learn how to locate, explore and link features in time and place.

Through developing the principles of democracy and citizenship they begin to understand the need for structure, rules and enterprise in their lives.
They can engage in activities which develop critical thinking and establish firm foundations for life long learning.

The skills your child will learn as they move from Early Level through First Level on to Second Level include:

  • Observing, describing & recording

  • Comparing and contrasting to draw conclusions

  • Exploring and evaluating different types of sources & evidence

  • Developing curiosity, problem-solving and initiative

  • Interacting with others

  • Planning and reviewing investigation strategies

  • Developing critical thinking through accessing, analysing and using information from a variety of sources

  • Discussion and informed debate

  • Developing reasoned and justified points of view

  • Developing and using maps in a variety of contexts

  • Developing & applying skills in interpreting & displaying graphs

  • Developing an awareness of time, sequences and chronology

  • Presentation skills, oral, written & multimedia

Social Studies uses an “interdisciplinary approach” which cuts across many curricular areas. This means that pupils have opportunities to experience Numeracy, Maths, Literacy, Music, Art, Health & Wellbeing etc., during topic work as Class Teachers plan to provide lessons which are linked to topic work.

We hope that you will continue to support your child with research and fact

finding at home to link with their study of the various topics in class.

During Session 2011 – 2012 classes will be engaged in the following projects:

P1 P1/2 P2/3

All about me Me and my life Under the sea

Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Special Days

Fairyland A Fairy Tale Circus


P3 P4

Litter Munchers The Unsinkable Ship

Pirates The Egyptians

Vikings Dunfermline

(trip to Vikingar, Largs)

Townhill Walkabout

P5 P5/6 P6

Wallace & Bruce Europe & EU Europe & EU

The Romans Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots

(overnight stay at Hadrian’s Wall) Australia India

The Scottish Parliament Rainforests Rainforests

World War II


(including learning Mandarin)

Carnegie Project

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