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Social Studies Name: ____________________________________

Directions: Complete the following questions using the link listed below.


  1. What did the world’s scientific community discover in 1939? Why was this a concern?

  1. Which scientists thought that President Roosevelt should be warned about the dangers of atomic technology? Where did they flee from?

  1. How did Roosevelt initially respond to the warning from the scientists mentioned in question 2?

  1. At what universities was the early research completed?

  1. What breakthrough occurred in 1942? How did it impact the Manhattan Project?

  1. Who was put in charge of “putting the pieces together at Los Alamos”?

  1. What was final bill for the development of the American Atomic Program? Why is this significant?

  1. How many people were employed in the Manhattan Project? Why is this significant when considering the time period and the purpose of the Manhattan Project?

  1. The website states that Roosevelt and Churchill (British Prime Minister) decided to keep, their then ally against Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, in the dark in regards to the Manhattan Project. Why do you think the United States decided to inform the British but not the Soviets?

  1. How did the United States attempt to keep the Manhattan Project secret? Why was this so important?

  1. When and where was the first atomic bomb tested?

  1. The website states that “no one was properly prepared for the result” of the first atomic bomb test.

    1. What evidence does the website give to show how the scientists were unprepared?

    1. What is the significance of the Manhattan Project scientists not being properly prepared for the result of the first bomb?

  1. What did the scientists nickname the first atomic bomb used at the first test site?

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