Social Studies Grade Level/Building: 7/Middle School 4/00

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Course/Subject: Social Studies Grade Level/Building: 7/Middle School 4/00




The Global Heritage of the American People
Unit 1: Chapters 1, 2 and

part 3 (unit on the Iroquois)

See relationship between people and the environment; understand events of history, e.g. the Crusades had an effect on the growth of trade; explain how the religious foundations of a culture; explain the origin of several cultural practices; show how these practices have influenced the cultures development.


Background Reading: (All students must complete one of the following:) Morning Girl, The Seekers, Constance, Julie of the Wolves.

Extra credit: personal field trip to examine one of the effects of glaciation on Williamson, field trip to examine several geologic features of Wayne County, watch video material that will help them see and understand some of the environments that are discussed in unit (e.g. Never Cry Wolf and/or The Ice Man).

Division and Reunion
Unit 6 : part of Chapter 14,

all of Chapters 15 and 16

(supplementary material)

Students will look at roles of individuals (e.g. John Brown).


Background Reading: Bull Run.

Extra credit: watch video material, evaluated by test (e.g. Gettysburg); take field trip.

Italicized items are extra credit.

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