Social Studies Activity Worksheet

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Social Studies

Activity Worksheet



Course Title:

Family and School


II. Geography


Location, Movement, and Connections

Grade Level Standard:

1-7 Identify location, movement, and connections.

Grade Level Benchmark:

1. Identify locations of significance in their immediate

environment and explain reasons for their location. (II.3.EE.1)

Learning Activity(s)/Facts/Information

1. Brainstorm why we need a bathroom in our classroom or down the hall. What else do we need close by? Why? Then branch out to the whole school. Why do we need the playground close by and not across the street or down the block, etc.?

2. Making a School Map (activity attached)
3. Reading a School Map (activity attached)
4. Mapping the Surrounding Area (activity attached)


New Vocabulary: Environment

Making a School Map


In this lesson, children review the purpose of maps. They learn that maps are made from a bird’s eye view, show cardinal directions, and feature legends identifying the map symbols. The children create a map of their school including the classrooms, hallways, offices, bathrooms, and other rooms of the school. They label the rooms with map symbols and create a legend to identify them.


SUBJECT AREA: Social Studies


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