Social Studies 8 Name Guided Reading Activity 21-3 Date Period

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Social Studies 8 Name ________________________

Guided Reading Activity 21-3 Date ______________ Period ____

1. Who won the presidential election in 1900? William McKinley
2. When and how did Roosevelt suddenly become the youngest president in the nation’s history? McKinley was assonated in 1901, elevating TR from VP to President
3.Why was Roosevelt called a “trustbuster”? He was known for going after specific trusts/monopolies because he thought they needed to be regulated
4. How did Roosevelt end the 1902 coal strike? Threatened to send federal troops to work in the mines and produce the coal
5. How was Roosevelt’s attitude toward business different from that of previous presidents? TR used federal troops to support strikers, NOT business owners
6. Why has Roosevelt been called the first environmental president? Passed a record number of legislations/acts to preserve America’s forests and other natural “sanctuaries”
7.When was William Howard Taft elected president? Election of 1908
8. What did the Sixteenth Amendment give Congress the power to do? Tax people’s revenue (income tax)
9. How did President Taft disappoint progressives who had supported him?

Failed to fight for a lower tariff/ began to favor business over the consumer

10. What new party did Roosevelt and his followers form in 1912? What was its nickname? Progressive Party/ “Bull Moose Party”
11. Who defeated Taft and Roosevelt in the election of 1912? Woodrow Wilson
12. When did Congress pass the Federal Reserve Act? 1913
13. Why did Congress establish the Federal Trade Commission in 1914? To investigate corporations for unfair trade practices

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