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Social Studies 30-1 Name: _____________

Perspectives on Ideology

Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace an ideology?
Related Issue #3: To what extent are the principles of

liberalism viable?
Chapter 10: Political Challenges to Liberalism

Chapter Issue: To what extent should governments reflect the will of the people?

Chapter Overview:
In this second chapter of Part 3, you will examine the principles that are central to liberalism, such as: individual equality and worth, the rule of law, and ruling through the consent of the people.
Chapter 10 will ask you to consider the extent to which governments should reflect the will of the people, especially on a national level. You will explore various perspectives on citizens’ influence over politicians and government policy, and the relationship between government and the electorate. You will also examine the complexity of the concept of the will of the people as well as some situations in which government policy has deliberately not reflected the will of its citizens for various reasons.
Two questions for inquiry will guide your investigations. They include:

  • How do governments attempt to follow the will of the people?

  • How, and to what extent, are governments actions that ignore the will of the people justified?

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