Social Studies 20

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Social Studies 20

Teacher: Renee Jarema

About the course:

Social Studies is a course that links skills and concepts from past experience. After looking at Globalism in Social Studies 10, Social Studies 20 explores nationalism both in Canada and in an international context. The key issue being answered in this course is to what extent should we embrace nationalism? This key issue is then split into four related issues that will be answered by the end of the term. Students’ will be using past information to help them gain a deeper understanding in the topics and will also be using Social Study skills ranging from looking at topics from multiple perspective to interpreting maps. By the end of the year students should have a better understanding on the changing world they live in and how nationalism fits into that world.


Gardner, Robert, Daniel J. McDevitt, Margaret Hoogeveen, and Angus L. Scully. Exploring nationalism . Toronto, ON: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2008. Print.

The Critical Thinking Consortium Resources

Newspapers (Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Local Papers, ect.)

News on TV or Internet like CBC, Global, CTV, BBC, ect

Course Break Down

The following is a look at the issues we will be studying and the main concepts in the related issue, along with a rough schedule when we should be coving the topic.

(Social 20-1 is in Arial Black Social 20-2 is in Batang)

It is important to note that while the general outcome is different in Social 20-1 compared to Social 20-2 they cover the same material but the explanations are marked differently.

Download 26.91 Kb.

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