Social studies 10: chapter one booklet colonies in the Wilderness

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  • MACKENZIE , though lacking military experience, spent a great

deal of time planning resistance to the government and actually trained rebels to fight.

Still, this factor, and poor planning, would ensure his defeat.

  • With British soldiers sent to Lower Canada – this left Toronto virtually unguarded.

easily defeated by the militia. Reformers in Upper Canada considered Mackenzie just

too radical, and did not join him in his rebellion.

Aftermath of the Rebellions

  • In the wake of the 1837 Rebellions, LORD DURHAM, an aristocrat

and reformer politician was appointed Governor in Chief of the Canadas. He was sent to

investigate the causes of the Rebellions.

the colonies be JOINED together and that they be given RESPONSIBLE


  • His prejudice against the French was well known. His goal, through uniting the

colonies, was to ASSIMILATE the French into English culture.

Canada: they became the Province of Canada in 1841, with the capital in

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