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An Alteration within American National Security Strategy Post - 9 11 Attacks (1)

Every leading nation has a science of employing political, economic, psychological, and military forces to achieve evolutionary foreign policy success. However, America appears to have more than a science it has a unique aptitude to employ such intelligence in engaging strategies and ideologies within its predominant duplicity in applying its foreign policy. As it appeared to be, the Bush administration framed the new American Foreign policy of the st century. It was also thought to be on the same path as previous US. presidents. In fact, President Bush incrusted a slight change in US. national security policy doctrine within the mother one, namely duplicity. The Freedom Agenda' or Bush doctrine' was not necessarily a manifestation of anew turn in US. foreign policy, which emphasized a full-scale militarization and unilateralism to defend the US. hegemony in the world, but merely a use of the double standard guideline. Nevertheless, according to the same views, the NSS doctrine contributed massively to changing US. grand strategy in the st century. We advert that it did not know an impressive change, but was probably for the first time overtly expressed militarily. The 9/11 attacks interpreted what Francis Fukuyama called an 'unprecedented security challenge' to American invulnerable security

An Alteration within American National Security Strategy Post PP 319-332


Regardless of what the world may consider an incomprehensible American policy in dealing with national and international security. The belligerent defensive strategy of the Bush Administration re-conceptualized the main grand strategy of the United States in response to the deemed threat of terrorism. The US. considered the rationale of full-scale militarization in its NSS and the open-ended battles against terrorism, ignited by the US. in many parts of the world, as an act of perseverance to protect its territories.
Regardless of the disastrous outcomes of these campaigns.
The US. bluntly envisioned objectives to achieve.

Pertaining to President Bush’s NSS set to mark anew path to a universal American security with anew policy process and new norms, to fit the contemporary era the American foreign policy blatantly configurated its national security to cope with the American greed to the whim of sustainable security. It openly unveiled to the world the desire to deter terrorism and spread democracy through which it will expand its power and supremacy. American duplicity prevailed again however, it is shielded by its worldwide NSS of democratization this time.

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